LAID OFF: Caley Fretz, Dave Rome, Matt de Neef and others axed today

They still have @Caley_Fretz’s picture in the podcast thumbnail on iTunes…

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


…and on their own homepage. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


Remember the article CT wrote about Peter Sagan and his NFTs? Outside had them axe the article. So, they have already interfered.


Kinda my point. They have a track record for interfering so I’m surprised they haven’t done so yet.

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Kudos to Ronan for his article on the Abbey tool kits….chapeau, good sir.


what a terrible decision. +1 to the unsubscribe pool. I only recently joined up as more and more cycling coverage got hidden behind paywalls. If i was going to swipe a credit card, it would be for an outlet that provided a unique and quality take on things. I guess its time to go find that outlet again.


Such a disappointment. Canceled my subscription today. Ready to subscribe to whatever Caley (etal) does next.

I have cancelled but I want to give thanks and chapeaus to the remaining great staff. @Andy_van_Bergen is great and always helpful. I bought my Canyon Grail AL because of @abby.mickey 's review. @Ronan_Mc_Laughlin. Shoddy Dave is awesome and always a great listen. And others I missed :+1::+1:. Stay strong guys :muscle:


If you listen to the podcast they reference that and it sounds deliberate.

There’s only so much agitating people are going to do when their livelihoods are at risk - again they discuss this in the pod with Jonny saying he’s getting close to the line.

Not true.

Andy chose to leave. He wants to freelance, and has continued to contribute to Rouleur.

Ian Cleverly also decided to leave. They were the two employed “writers” who have left.


Also unsubscribed.
It was inevitable, as Velonews is a similar to CT, but I subscribed years ago because of these guys and as such product exists on Outside universe I did not see this coming. I may understand the reason, but it doesn’t mean that I should agree.
Good luck to all the previous and current staff of CT!

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A repeat here of the very common theme in this thread.

I became a paid up up member on the strength of the team and personalities who all contributed to the varied and interesting content on the web site, podcasts and in other other places. Their perspective on all things cycling (and beyond) and the balance that as a group they gave to each other always kept the content interesting and fresh.

This was the first news site of any type that I have paid a subscription for, given the way that the staff have been treated I can’t in good conscious continue to support an organsiation that treats it’s people so badly. It is difficult to see how the quality of the content can do anything other than decline in the future as Outside strips out the experience and leadership of CT. Luckily there are still a number of talented, interesting and funny people still currently on the staff keeping the ship afloat (James, Iain, Kit. Jonny, Ronan, Dave, Amy, Abby, Andy and Jose, looking at you all here, thank you).

So I am out once I finally find how to remove my card details etc. (found it, on the main site click on the CT logo in the bottom RH corner)

Best of luck to those who have been pushed out and to those who remain and continue to do a professional job to in producing good content, I hope you all manage to either keep your roles or find something more rewarding elsewhere if needs must.


I think Zach is sort of a ring-in as he’s a mate of Caley’s. I believe he might get paid a small fee per appearance. I think if we hear from him again, it will be on Caley and Dave’s podcast.

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Agreed. There are still many fine people on staff at CT, and this is a difficult and worrying time for them too. It doesn’t sound like they’ve been told anything either. I will continue to support them while they are there and allowed to do their thing as they have been doing. @James_Huang, @Ronan_Mc_Laughlin, @Iain_Treloar, @abby.mickey, @jonny.long, Shoddy and the others deserve and need our support too.

Outside, if you’re listening, we - the backers of CT - and your staff deserve to know what’s going on. So, please explain yourselves so we can all move on.


If Zach decides to bail on the Nerd Alert podcast, they can always go back to Vecchio’s….Jim Potter can serve equally well as the cranky, experienced wrench. :rofl:


Nerd Alert update: Zach has agreed to stay on, so it’ll be me, him, and Ronan moving forward.


Isn’t Vecchio’s gone? The last time I was in town, I don’t think the shop was there any more.

The owner moved the shop to another spot on Boulder. Not sure where, I just know from IG.


Nope…still in town, just a different location. The rent being that close to Pearl Street Mall was unsustainable.

I just got one of their new t-shirts, as a matter of fact.

I’ve known Jim for ages….one of the few people I actually let touch my bikes!


Not a promising trend.

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