Left Crank Stages Power Meter not starting

Hi There Folks,

I got a Stages Power Meter, left crank, that I acquired a couple of years ago. It worked well till it didn’t. Recently it accused low battery, as it usually does, so I normally swapped the battery, like I have done many times before.
This time it didn’t start, and neither the Stages App (on my phone) nor the Garmin head unit couldn’t connect/find it.

Is this a thing with Stages? I remember when I got it it took a week to start or find the Garmin.

If anyone has clues or ways to make it work that I haven’t tried, please disclose. I took the battery out, then in, then out, then in, etc.




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Try putting the battery in the other way round, that’s caught me out before, or try a battery you know works.

Sounds silly, but I had the same problem and that fixed it. Easy mistake to make. Or swap for a different battery should also work.

check that the battery tab is connecting to the side of the battery and hasn’t been jammed underneath it.

Hi Jules - that was the issue. They had me take a close pic of the battery area without the battery and readily diagnosed the issue. I bent it gently and it woke up immediately. So happy it’s back to life. You were right.

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good to hear. it’s like clockwork with those things