Lights w/ Optics Designed for Use with GoPro Mounts

What lights on the market are there that are designed to be used with a GoPro mount AND have optics optimized for that use? So many that have GoPro mount options have optics that are designed for use “upright” on a handlebar. You would think that with the popularity of GoPro style mounting (at least on road bikes), that more light manufacturers would optimize optics for that mounting.

I have the Garmin Varia headlight - obviously designed to operate “up side down” for the Garmin mount.
I’m happy with it!

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Ravemen, though only the models with a round front lens e.g. the CR series. You will need to unscrew the front cap and turn the lens upside down. And get the AUB01 upside down accessory mount.

If you have infinite $ then get a Lupine SL light and one of their GoPro mounts.

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Is the lens marked so that you accurately clock the lens when you rotate it?

It has two notches 180 degrees apart. It will align perfectly when you drop it in.

I will note that I’ve done this on a CR500 and a CR900, both of which have the previous version of optics. The newer models with the “T-shaped beam” I can’t vouch that the same hack can be done, but it looks like it should be possible.

I have the Lezyne 1300xxl which has been great - sturdy, good battery life, very bright. I’ve never noticed any difference in the optics between the two vertical orientations.
I mount it with their $2 gopro adapter and secure it with a large thumb screw which is much easier to take on and off than an allen key bolt.

Garmin Varia headlight.

Excellent illumination - I set it to minimum brightness which is enough on the road and turn off the automatic adjustment (if it could be programmed to trigger at much higher speeds it would be useful, as it is, it’s a waste of battery life on the road) and it works great with a GoPro mount.

It has really improved my night time riding.

…which is a clear indication that there is no difference, which makes it a poor choice as a road light.

Are you looking for a headlight that lets you be seen by other road users or one that allows you to see when riding in the dark?

For the former, I have a Bontrager Ion 200 RT attached under the bike computer mount of my 2019 Venge using the Bontrager Blend Universal light mount (aka GoPro mount). The ANT+ compatible light is paired with my Garmin Edge 530 so as soon as I start my activity, it’s on. It’s typically set to autodetect so it switches between flashing and steady depending on the ambient light sensor on the Edge 530. That said, the headlight has a autobrightness feature as it also has an ambient light sensor. The primary reason for using this light is to allow me be seen. I probably wouldn’t use this headlight for nighttime riding as it does not have any beam cutoff to prevent it from glaring other road users.


The Knog PWR range will fit your decription, I’ve got a PWR road on a go-pro mount and it works quite neatly

K-edge makes an adapter for Niterider Lumina series. The K-edge adapters are not cheap but this is one of those get-what-you-pay-for. They make great mounts.

If you hang it under as you mention, the Niterider light will be inverted but it appears to have a symmetric beam pattern.

The thing you lose is battery status while riding, and there may be higher risk of water intrusion since the charge port (which has a rubber cover) will be more in the open and rain could collect.

I’ve been running this setup for several years with no issues.