Looking for a multi tool with chain rivet extractor - SRAM AXS (flat top chain)

Hey, got what is probably an impossible question - is there a multi tool that has a chain rivet extractor for AXS?

I found out my Crank Brothers tool doesn’t work with the flat top chain, they don’t have an option, so that’s out. Couldn’t find any, but I’d think there’d be something, but maybe it’s some issue with SRAM and being licensed?

Anyhow, if you guys have something that works, please pass it on. I can always just get the smallest tool but hate taking up space in a bag.


I haven’t used it, but Dave Rome reviewed the Daysaver tools a few months ago, and the new Coworking 5 has a chainbreaker that apparently works well with SRAM AXS Flat Top. Check it out:


Thanks, I’ll check it out.