Magnetic Clasps for AWL Helmets

I was riding the other day and had My Bell Z-20 Mips Helmet on and I wanted to take my cap off while riding. Easily done, but getting the Buckle or Clip back together was another thing.–I have a Ekoi AR-14 Aero Road helmet with a Magnetic Buckle/Clip and I had a Limar Air Speed helmet with the same type clip. These are usually for Tri-Athletes, Why not for the Road, MTB & AWL cycling disciplines.

Why aren’t manufacturers doing this on their mid to higher end road helmets? It would be great and safer for the rider on the go. Of course I could have pulled over and fastened the helmet; but where’s the fun in that!?!

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They are. My Bontrager Solstice MIPS comes with a Fidlock buckle, and at $70 retail, it’s right in mid-level helmet territory.

It also looks like you can buy just the buckle from a Trek dealer if you want to see if it works with your straps.

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Specialized has it in their Evade helmet

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For a while I alternated between a Specialized Evade 2 & Prevail 2 & could not figure out why one (the Evade) had the magnetic clasp & the other didn’t. It’s definitely handy.

I’ve since moved to POC helmets (if only because they’re actually available in the white – other brands are sold out) & still miss the magnetic closure.

I just use my 2 hands, takes 1 second to secure any helmet.