Mallorca in March 2023

Best place for a base for 3 weeks? Solér or Polença. Guides and routes

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Three weeks is a long time. I always found Sineu perfectly located in terms of enabling the biggest number of different routes. That town sits like a spider in its web.

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Yer thanks for advice. It looks like a lovely town. I’ll investigate. I’ll be 2 months on a ship Brisbane to Mallorca. 3-4 weeks cycling is perhaps a return to sanity. No mountains where I live, so just want continuous ascents.

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Understood. The climbs are not far away from Sineu. Just enough to warm up / loosen up the legs. You can then still decide if that day is a climbing day or rather one for rolling terrain. The famous monastery training climbs to Randa Cura and Felanitx (Sant Salvador) are also well within reach.

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I’d pick Pollenca as it gives you the option of some easy flat rides or Cap de Formentor for recovery days. It’s a climb out of Soller whichever way you go although the Col de Soller isn’t too taxing.

The classic ride from Pollenca is to get the bike shuttle to Andratx then ride back which goes through Soller and past Sa Calobra which is optional.

Both are nice enough towns with enough decent places to have a drink, get some food.

Yer cool. Pollensa looks quiet with magical backdrop. Thanks for incites. Tramuntana south to north looks like a huge ride. Figure I’ll hike on rest days. Hopefully I can kick some snow and rocks.

I’ve been on several training camps and family holidays to Mallorca, Soller is lovely but it can be limiting as you always have to go up to go anywhere.

Pollensa or Port Pollensa is probably the better options for cycling as you can go so ‘flat’ towards the middle of the island, skirt the mountains or actually head into the mountains.

Another option would be Andratx, not quite as much cycling infrastructure but the roads are quieter and the coast road from Banyalbufar to Andratx is stunning.

Palma is a great city and even if you don’t stay there it’s well worth a trip or 2.

A mate of mine runs a guiding company:

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I’d pick Pollenca (old town rather than port for me) but I’m biased. Sineu is a nice town though complete with its own outdoor velodrome. Soller is a big climb out in all directions - fine for a short stay but not so great if you’re there for longer and just want a spin. The main routes are really easy to plan and figure out and in 3 weeks you can do plenty of exploring on the smaller lanes. Really great hiking in the Tramuntana - look up Puig Tomir and Puig de Massanella (the biggest one is Puig Major but that’s a closed military base).

Awsome!! Thanks. Soller sounding more and more scarry. Perfect after staring at flying fish for 2 months. I’ll look up ur mate with his tours. That south west corner seems to have some intense backroad climbs.

Soller is rad. Yes, you have to climb out of it, but only the MA-10 East is intimidating (also ungodly beautiful)

Take the MA-10 to Valldemossa and not a big deal. Maybe just as beautiful and can continue multiple routes and over to Palma.

Climb the old highway (11-a) up the Col de Soller and then have a magical descent. Saw two cars the whole time because everyone uses the new highway and tunnel. Absolutely phenomenal ride.

You did say that you wanted climbs, Soller will give them to you.

But actually stay away from Soller, really everybody should. It is horrible and dangerous. Stay away. More quiet riding for me.

Cheers for highlighting your experiences. Would you say that Fornalutx would be safer or just head north to old Pollensa?

Fornalutx is beautiful, but you’d have more options based in Soller if you want to be over that way. You’re effectively half way up the big hill at Fornalutx with not many options for different directions, just up or down. Whilst I have my preferences Soller is a very good base and definitely not a bad choice.

Muchas gracias. I’m sensing that there may be a cultural difference from east to west sides of baleriacs. A dream for me is 3-4 weeks doing the same climbs, going to the same cafés, hopefully eating the same chickpeas. 100 times, as none of this exists in the Whitsundays

The Lighthouse of Cap de Formentor is another ride to add to your list as well, normally done on a rest day but it’s one of my favorites. Drop me a DM if you want some routes.

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That descent from Puig Major to Soller is the nicest and most scenic road on the whole island IMO. Better than the descent down Sa Calobra or Cap de Formentor.

Yeah, can get some real speed too as its more sweeping corners than full on hair pins like Sa Colaba. Still enjoy them all though. The descent down from Lluc to Pollenca also a belter.

I stayed in Hoposa Montelin in Pollenca at their apartements. Great bike garage with all the tool’s and safe area to store bike and bike box while there. Right next to the mountains or can go a flat ride out to Menacor and Felantix and do the San Salvador church climb.

I visited for a day on a cruise this year too that came into Palma, which did offer the oppertunity to ride the climbs the west side up to Soller and back. Id definitely say east is better and less busy, espcially for a few week.

It’s definitely on the list. Thanks for the offer

Hoposa Montelin looks really good. It’s cool that they have that support for cyclists. Ill check ur ride suggestions. Thanks muchly

Agreed, although I was early enough to be one of the first down Sa Calobra and avoided the cars. Not so lucky back into Soller and got stuck behind a tourist bus.