Marty Nothstein arrested on stalking charges

Dude was always a giant POS, so this surprises me not in the slightest…

I hate when a name from your childhood that’s associated with good turns out to be a bum. Oh well. I grew up going to the velodrome in Trexlertown as a kid watching my dad race and later rode on it a little bit myself.

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I’ve already read enough. Lock him up and throw away the key.


why do track sprinters keep getting arrested for stalking, obscene exposure and other weird stuff like that? I won’t name names but it’s weird how many do.

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not trying to pile-on, but the sumbitch is a ‘republican’. that in itself does speak volumes.

I already said that.

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If I looked like a typical climber I would think twice about confronting someone in a physically aggressive way - but as a muscular middleweight there is a a lot more appeal to it. Plus a certain disregard for the dangers of getting hurt in situations that border on uncontrollable?

Because they take very unhealthy doses of anabolic steroids that lead to roid rage and long term psychological difficulties.


Maybe leave the vilification of c.50% of the population for other forums?


no worries, when you stop ‘vilifying’ track sprinters.

Thank you. BTW, as the context makes clear, I’m speaking about the specific ones who have had issues with DFV.

This thread started at the bottom, and went downhill from there–a slow night in bicycle land?


Sorry the thread offended you…seemed a former Olympic Gold Medalist and once-hero of US track cycling getting arrested is the kind of thing you would discuss on a cycling forum. :roll_eyes:

Good thing you can “Mute” threads you don’t want to see…feel free to employ that feature if you wish.

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Not nearly as much as your identity politicking says…

Just a tip; when your side is putting up Alec Baldwin, the Cuomo Bros, and Jussie Smollett then your moral high ground isn’t nearly as secure as you apparently think it is.


so my ‘identity politicking’ suggests I have basic sense and a functioning moral compass, I’m fine with that. keep your ‘tip’, context confirms it has no relevance to me, or the world at large.

guess I do find what nothstein did is ‘immoral’ (and a tempest in a tea pot, so I barely give a shit).
‘no relevance’ is when someone puts up the monkey bizness of a couple cherry-picked clowns in some kind of irrelevant morals comparison against an entire ideology that by default, IS on the Low Road. shrug
work on your reading comprehension.

no, no the wording is fine.

No, it suggests you lack any objective view of reality beyond your own bigotry and that your moral compass always leads to hypocritical douchebaggery…

But hey, as long as you own it then you do you lil buddy.


that ain’t good enough ‘‘lil buddy’, not when reality itself will solidly back my general assertions here on ideological parameters (and what those suggest) all fkn’ day long, guaranteed. tell me again I’m merely pulling sh-t from my a-s.

I neither know, nor care, from whence you’re pulling your shit… it’s shit all the same. As far as reality itself, reality solidly backs up the fact that your political preferences are no indicator of your general morality or human decency, as evidenced by the aforementioned examples and exemplified by your own posts. But it’s good that you’re enjoying your bigotry and ignorance, at least someone is.