Marty Nothstein arrested on stalking charges

OK, I think there was some cross-referencing between Sean and myself.

I had responded to another poster re: ignoring the thread…Sean’s post came under mine and said “keep your tip”, so I assumed he was responding to me. I now see that he was responding to another user and not me.

I am therefore deleting my responses to Sean.

it’s easy to polish a turd, but why would one do it unless one associates with it?

Those are certainly all words. For your next trick, perhaps you could try combining them into a coherent thought.

fck right-wing ideology. think I say that shit lightly?

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Not lightly… just ignorantly and with deep seated bigotry. But hey, if you wanna adopt that stance as your moral foundation then like I said, you do you. :man_shrugging:

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bigotry and ignorance, my ass…

OP and others- I’ve said enough here, my apologies for the thread drift.

Oh boy… you’re just full of insightful commentary aren’t you? :roll_eyes:

Bigotry is literally defined as an obstinate or unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion, or faction; in particular, prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

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lolol, always considered true bigotry largely irrational, the dank underbelly of human nature. this isn’t that.


… is exactly that.

You’re welcome to be whomever you wanna be but… when you can’t be honest about who you are, it might be time to think about changing who you are. Just another tip for you while you pretend you’re not exactly what your actions prove you to be.


There’s a lot of anger and diffusion here, but I think it’s pretty plain that a casual comment demonising around half the population is unlikely to go well in any forum that is not exclusively populated by people outside that 50% - for example, in the real world.


I’m definitely on one of your sides ideologically, but I stopped being able to tell which of you was which a quarter of the way through.


I’m from the UK, and slightly left of centre on our scale, so in US terms, my politics are probably (much) more on the blue side. However, I’d suggest that insulting members of the opposing party, in one sweeping comment, is not part of any political movement or ideology to which I’d subscribe. It is possible - though rarely seen on the internet - for educated people to hold very different views and yet manage to interact with perfect civility.

If you believe you’re better than the other side, the best way to show that is through actions rather than intolerance.