Melbourne women on bikes

So, I’ve been working away on my Masters of Communication for two and a half years and my final subject was a research project. We could chose to do our projects on whatever we wanted so I decided I wanted to do mine on women’s cycling in Melbourne.

As part of my project, I decided to write an article about women’s experiences of cycling in Melbourne. If you’re interested in what I found out, have a read.

This has been a bit of a labour of love for me. I’ve had this idea in my head since 2018 (so before I even started my masters).


I enjoyed it, I think I’ll have to go over it again though as I tend to skim…

And I agree there’s definitely a very large Elephant in the room…over the years some of the conversations I’ve had with female cyclists on rides have been some of the most enjoyable, no ego involved. IMO you are more likely to get a hello from female cyclists and I’ve never had my wheel sat on by a female unlike the males I do on most rides these days.

Nice article. While I fully appreciate and believe the crap men’s’ behaviour you’re documenting, I genuinely wonder who these douche bags are, who their friends are that don’t call out that kind of garbage and feel lucky I don’t see them in my own naive bubble.

An interesting read. As a man in the UK, I can’t speak for female cycling experience on the other side of the world. However, 2 things do spring to mind:

  1. I have heard multiple stories about hostility towards cyclists in general in Australia. I do wonder if there’s something there.
  2. Other than my wife, I only have 1 female friend who’d I’d describe as a regular cyclist. She can tell numerous stories about gate keeping/sexual comments etc. Sadly I suspect many female cyclists all over the world can tell similar.

So I post this and then don’t come back for weeks! :laughing:

For a lot of women, I think to comes down to the little stuff, the micro-aggressions and stupid behaviours. My pet peeve is guys who push in front of me at the lights because they assume I’m going to be slower than them. Often I cruise past them about 100m down the road. I might be slower taking off but my average speed is usually higher. Plus I know how to pace myself.

Stuff like this happens all the time. It’s not just guys in lycra either. It’s so stupid and irritating.