Miguel Ángel Lopez

Well, what the hell happened there?
Sitting comfortably 3rd at Vuelta on the last road stage of a GT.
He missed the move with 30km (marking Bernal??) and then after trying a bit to get back on he simply quit. Astonishing.
Really quite amazing on giving up a surefire high GT position with so little of the race to go.

There seems to be two schools of thought:

  1. He cracked the sads after realizing he lost his podium spot and folded up shop
  2. His father in law claims the Movistar DS told him not to chase to protect Mas’ position. And MAL quit in disgust.

It seems to be #2: “Acevedo (father in law) reaffirmed what has already been suggested: López was ordered by team staff to stop chasing; to protect his teammate’s second place overall even if it meant sacrificing his own podium position.”

From López’s coach explains the tricky situation behind his Vuelta withdrawal - CyclingTips



I believe there has been conversations around him dropping cycling like Demoulin did for a while due to the pressure.

Shame there isnt going to be 3rd Netflix doco, but as always things are not what they always seem.

I would be pretty annoyed to be told to stop chasing for my 3rd place to go up in smoke, but I guess there is also the team member piece as well. Difficult one for sure.

It was just a dumb call from the DS.
MAL had no chance of getting back on, let alone drag anyone from that group (which were all going backwards). There was absolutely no threat to Mas in that situation.

Both DS and Lopez behaved poorly. DS, for simply not playing their cards right, from the beginning, to have allowed such a situation to develop, and Lopez, for not behaving professionally for not doing what he was asked to do by the folks paying his paycheck.

I am with Lopez, if he was asked to stop chasing. 3 weeks of slogging your guts out, fighting for a podium, then being told by your own DS to voluntarily slow down. That’s not racing. That’s not what you trained and raced so hard for.


Movistar terminate his contract.
Back to Astana I guess?