Mike Burrows

I have just heard that Mike Burrows has died. The man was a brilliant design engineer and his interviews almost always threw up challeges to accepted wisdom and marketing-led design.
Please CT publish an obituary for him, and make it broader than “Designer of Lotus 108 and Giant TCR dies”. His influence was enormous, and if cycling had been wiser we would probably have allowed him even more?
Thank you.


Huge loss. I hadn’t met the man personally but had often thought about swinging by his workshop as my parents live in Norfolk. Thought he may not take too kindly to unannounced visitors but was always fascinated by what I would see there.

I think there’s a memorial ride happening soon from his workshop to his favourite local pub. There’s a nice thread here from some people who knew him:

I always found it strange that he had such a big influence on road bikes with the TCR but despite this, the big brands didn’t utilise him much after this.


Actually, I’ve found a pretty good obit on road.cc
Still, it would be sad if CT didn’t feel it was important to record this appropriately


Would certainly be worth a discussion, maybe even an episode dedicated to him from the Nerd Alert guys.

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RIP Mike. Thank you for highlighting this sad news AA. Condolences to his family. :pray:t2:

We’re working on something now. None of us on staff are well suited to penning the tribute to Mike that he deserves, but I’ve got someone on it who’ll do it justice.


Many thanks James. We trust you guys to do a good job - that’s why I came to CT as soon as I heard.

Interesting profile with nice images on The Radavist a couple years back, if one is inclined to look.

the mainstream introduction of the compact road frame remind’s me of what Bruce Farr did in the racing yacht world in the 70’s with lighter boats. good shit, true positive innovation.

For the barrel adjuster alone the man already deserves a place in the cycling industry hall of fame.


The Mike Burrows article is live.

Maybe too early, out of place but when I heavily respect his work (lotus or HPV, know less his cargo work) and CT article is a really nice one, the TCR bike is not the highlight that really honours his memory the best.
Unsure what was from Giant poor execution or coming from the original design and here I would limit my comment to the “3 sizes fit all”. It started a terrible trend of “people believe it, then we can build less bikes versions, then improve stocks” at a cost of terrible rider fitting.