Mixing Shimano derailleur parts?

The derailleur hanger on my Rose X-Lite bike is quite badly bent out of shape. While I was lucky that nothing bad has happened in the time between the crash that caused that and my actually noticing it, I do have to replace the hanger. But: delivery issues… The direct hanger that was/is fitted to my frame is only (supposed to be) available 10 weeks from now. But the adapted version is there immediately.

Now obviously, I don’t have an adapter for my Ultegra R8000 GS RD. But I do have an 105 R7000 RD with an adapter (this RD is otherwise broken). Is it possible to use the 105’s adapter with the Ultegra RD and the bracketed hanger?

Also: Hi to the community from a new member from Cottbus, Germany (home of a very successful track team)!

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According to the Exploded View for the RD-R7000-GS, you can use the RD-R8000 ‘Bracket Axle’ on the RD-R7000. They’re roughly the same, but can differ in colour/finish/size:

The EV for the RD-R8000 doesn’t list this compatibility the other way around, so your mileage may vary. It may work on the RD-R8000, or maybe not. Since you have the RD-R7000 already and the 105 RD is broken anyway, you might as well try - and let us know :wink:

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thanks, hadn’t thought of the interchangeability notes on those diagrammes! Since I want to take the part from the 105 r7000, the note on it’s docs is encouraging.

I’ll report as soon as I get the hanger…

I have done the opposite, used a ultegra bracket on a 105 derailleur. The ultegra one is aluminium and the 105 steel and uses a different bolt. But I can’t see it’s a problem.

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Yes, the new derailleur hanger finally arrived and I got around to installing it and it works just fine.