Mixing tire sealants?

Can anyone tell me if I can generally mix tire sealants if I want to top up a leaky tire? Or are there different types of sealants that you shouldn’t mix?

I’ve got about 5 different sealants sitting in my shed and can never keep track what tires have which.

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I think the most recent Nerd Alert covered this, but as long as they’re all latex based (and you don’t care about optimum performance), mix away.

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Are their other bases besides latex?

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There is, but I would consider that exotic


Latex is a vegetable product, since Hevea brasiliensis is a tree.

Yes, there is a thing called synthetic latex, but there is also a thing called coffee substitute. It isn’t.


I think Slime is non-latex.

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I use panaracer, which is recommended by Rene herse because of their porous side walls. Not sure if it is latex based but uses"crushed Walnut shells"… Probably in addition to latex

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Crushed walnut shells are an eco friendly alternative to solid fillers like plastic microspheres.

I am currently developing a bike degreaser / cleaner that is entirely plant based and am looking at making a shop hand cleaner as well so I’ve been looking at walnut shells as the abrasive.


I always mix away, I typically stick to latex sealants and buy whatever is cheapest at the time, I have mixed latex and non-latex sealant to no ill effect. Found non-latex sealant sucks anyway.

copy that :+1:

I use this on my gravel bike (650b). No issues (flats or leaks) so far after 12mths. Have ‘topped up’ every 4mths or so during that time to make sure it hadn’t dried out.

Yes you can but they may not be as effective. For example Stan’s and Orange seal have significantly different characteristics for evaporation rate, size of the chunky bits and viscosity. That said, so long as you’ve got around 60ml of sealant in a tyre (assuming we’re talking MTB) you would be pretty unlikely to notice an actual difference. If your weight-weenieing for XC races and running very low levels of sellant it might matter more