More articles, less videos

Maybe it’s just me, but enough with the videos already. Pictures with solid objective writing = great reviews that i’m used to seeing and expecting from CT.

The videos are actually pushing me away from wanting to engage in CT content. Am i alone?


I too like articles with great pics over videos. I can read a review much faster than I can watch one. Plus, I like to stop and stare at the pics and that’s hard to do with video when there is audio or you’re trying to hit the “pause” button just at the right time to get a clear view of said product.


I would agree with this too, but I suspect that we are the minority. Hope not. :man_shrugging:


I agree, would much prefer an article over a video.


You are not alone, I thought it was just me being a Luddite! I just don’t watch the videos and move on. Video is good for showing action and motion (ie a downhill MTB run or a road race sprint) but for product reviews etc text and pics is a lot more effective and time-efficient



I basically don’t watch any of the tech videos so the content is effectively lost.

I agree regarding being able to do things at your own pace: skim the stuff that I know already and concentrate on the new and interesting.

Also, one of the best things about CT is the quality of the writing: Iain is the standout but they’re all pretty good.


I’ve always thought videos were the fall back for those who don’t want to take the time to write a detailed, thought out, review. And using people who are good written reviewers to do videos just because they’re already on staff doesn’t make them any better.

To be fair, I haven’t watched a CT video for ages, they may have improved.

Written articles please.


I’m ok with there being videos as long as there is still a corresponding article. This is happening for a lot of the tech articles at the moment and I appreciate it.

There are some instances where the video format is obviously superior and I’m ok in those instances for there to just be video… I just won’t watch them. It’s not that I’m against video per se - I just don’t typically consume the content at a time when watching video is convenient.


I’m ok with video as an enhancement to the article that helps to make the points in the text or show movement to make the point. What I find frustrating is when some of the info is in the article and some is in the video, so you HAVE to interact with both if you want the full story.


Ditto. I’d rather read. It’s much faster. Only use video if it adds something that pictures and words miss.


I disagree. I like the video format too. It gives me the opportunity to look at things from a different angle. Things such as noise, different shifting mechanism (not that this has changed recently) and the look of the bike or components in motion make a big difference for me.

Totally agree. I want to see what is at Eurobike. Have not watch any of the video reports.
The irony of a digital video is the content become analog. More difficult to quickly access the info.
Text can be skimmed, info accessed randomly, if desired.


Can’t it be both? It’s the internet, can’t we have written reviews with gifs and clips embedded to illustrate points?

James’ review of new DuraAce/Ultegra may be the most informative bike tech review on the internet today, but I don’t plan on watching 27 minutes about it. How about a condensed 5min version, with links to deep dives on portions?


Interesting debate and feedback folks. I hear what you’re saying.

From my knowledge we almost always have every video (that we create) supported with text and photos in an article. For our Eurobike coverage this year and those standalone videos, if you watch them you’ll notice that most of the products within them also have standalone articles written about them as well (anything significant anyway).

Note that we also have a Youtube audience who consumes our content for the videos (obviously) and the videos we post on the site were specifically made for that platform, but we figure we’d share them on the site as well.

Note that we don’t create videos, podcasts, written articles just for the sake of it. We consider what medium will best articulate the story we’re trying to tell, and use it to its strengths. If a video can show something better than writing/photos can, then that’s how we’ll do it (within cost and time constraints).


Yep, my preference is the written word with good accompanying images. CT has a range of talented, knowledgeable writers - use them to their best ability.


Definitely in the camp of written word and photography when it comes to tech. For example, I watched James’ video of the DA 9200 release first and it was informative, but I really did not dig into all the details until I read the article. I have gone back to the article 3-4 times since my initial reading, but no way I am watching the video again.

Also, and maybe this is just the pandemic talking, but I find anything on YouTube to have less value to me these days. Overall YT is filled with the most immature, single-minded commenters of any form of social media.


The CT feeding frenzy seems to be the podcast as the appetizer and salad prepping one for the main course of articles with the video for desert.
The forum is currently a lil after dinner mint. Small, sweet and apparently some are dipping there dirty paws right into the bowl then running out the door.

Show some manners…use the spoon.


Well, I don’t know if there are stand alone articles for the products in the videos because I don’t watch the videos.
I also have not noticed many new product articles that mention eurobike

Would just like to pop in to say I really enjoy the videos. I don’t always have time to digest a long article (though of course I love to do that when I do), and often enjoy putting the videos and/or pod on in the background while I make dinner etc. I also think that for CT this is an area of strong potential for growth - there is a clear demand for cycling content on YouTube / other video platforms, yet so much of it is low quality and advertorial. I thought Ronan’s everesting and the gravel field test were a fantastic showcase of the potential of the medium for CT and looking forward to more in the future!


I would imagine that the videos attract a new audience that a written article simply does not. A person watches a bike-related video on YT, gets recommended a CT video, watches it, finds that they like what CT does, goes on the website, finds other great content, etc.

Surely I am not the only one for whom YT and Instagram are probably the primary sources of information on new products? Can’t recall the last time I bought something (bike-related or not) without looking through Instragram.

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