Moriah Wilson shot and killed….horrific news

Unbelievable and senseless.

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This makes me so sad at the senseless loss of a young person.

It makes me angry that we cannot expect anything better in the US.


I just read the great article on her on Velonews a couple of days ago and was excited to see where her gravel/mtb career would take her.

This is so so sad, it really hurts my heart to read something so tragic like this and I really hope the investigators can figure this one out to give the family closure. Ad astra Mo’ Wilson.


Horrible, heartbreaking news.

May God please hold up her family and friends. So sad.

Horrific, senseless, frustrating, & avoidable. I really hate America (& people) at times.


thoughts and prayers, oh wait…


Police obtained a search warrant for a “person of interest” in her death…(I have edited this post to remove unconfirmed reports)

Holy schitt…a shocking case just got more shocking.

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Colin Strickland releases a statement re: the murder of Mo. It really doesn’t play well, IMO…better to have said nothing than release this.

Oof. Yeah … I get what he’s trying to do here. It’s good for this context to be public now, rather than a surprise later. However, I’d have had someone read this back to me before posting.

More details in this article…the story continues to get updated and I hate every single one.

Just absolutely horrible.

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This is the most thorough writeup I have seen, and includes the affidavit, which is a chilling read.

Yeah, I read both affidavits….simply unbelievable.

I don’t understand why Strickland would have bought two 9mm handguns given the situation. That was right around the time Armstrong found out about the relationship and threatened to kill Wilson.


Where’s the second affidavit - I can only the the 7 page one sworn by the police officer?

Maybe this conclusion isn’t correct, but I read into it that they had lived without owning guns up until that point last winter when Colin bought those two.

Makes me wonder why Colin after having lived in Texas for so long then changed his mind and not only bought one for himself but also for his girlfriend whom he knew at that point to be very jealous and a … :thinking: … somewhat delicate character.

But maybe he was financially dependent on her with his business of refurbishing old trailers?

It’s the stuff of a tragedy which very sadly panned out in reality.

The timeline of the tradegy is something else. Implies that she tracked Colin on his swimming meeting with Moriah to the homestay (no other reasonable explaination IMO). Kaitlin arrived on the scene just a few minutes after Colin dropped Moriah off. I wonder if she intended to confront both of them at the homestay?

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Buying and owning a 9mm is not unusual in most states, but especially not Texas. I’m more surprised that they didn’t already own them. And - Texas being Texas - smart money says they owned other guns prior to buying the 9mm’s.