Moving on from Rock'n'roll lubes

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Long time Cyclingtips reader and supporter. I love the idea of the forums. This is my first post.

I’ve been using the Rock’N’Roll lubes for many years now. I generally stuck to the blue for my gravel bike and the red for my road bike. Recently I wanted to try something new as I never liked how noisy they were. I did love how clean they kept the drivetrain though!

For my gravel bike I switched to this lube which dramatically made it quieter :+1:

For my road bike, I’m thinking about trying this from Silca:

Has anyone used either of these products? How have you found them?

(Krush is a great Australian brand so not sure if it’s available outside of Oz.)



I’m a big fan of rock’n roll gold for my road bike. I never found it noisy and liked how it keeps the chain clean. I’m keen to hear what other recommendations are out there.


I switched to Squirt from Rock n Roll lubes a while ago on all my bikes. Only trick is to get it super super clean for the first application. Runs quieter for longer and the build up of muck doesn’t seem as bad. I probably reapply every 200-400km


Best lube around


I used Rock n Roll gold for a long time but converted over to NFS about 3-4 years ago and this summer switched over to waxing with the silca pellets. I found NFS to be far better than RnR gold for my riding (road, minimal rain/wet). It lasted longer, was very quiet, and while went on thick, was no worse that RnR with regards to greasy build up on jockey wheels. Silca wax is better again with the added benefit of zero grimy black stuff that spreads to everything. I strongly prefer waxing but it’s more work … in dry conditions, it’s good for maybe 350 miles before it seems to need re-waxing so I’m doing that typical every 2 weeks … its easy enough but takes more time than wiping and dripping on a bit of lube. I have made no attempt to quantify wear but then again have always kept up with cleaning and lubrication so typically get long life out of chains/cassettes.

The issue with Rock’n’Roll is that it’s really light on the lubricating particles. The stuff you see floating at the bottom is your wax, and the rest is carrier fluid. It’s not a bad lube, but it’s out-paced but a number of newer lubes.

Given you’re in Australia, I would suggest using a dry wax-emulsion wax. Smoove, Silca Super Secret, CeramicSpeed UFO Drip, or Tru Tungsten All-Weather are all proven options in this space. Generally speaking the more expensive options (such as Silca and CeramicSpeed) are less tacky once dry and therefore stay cleaner.


I switched from RnR to Smoove and have been very happy with it on my road and gravel bikes. The chain stays super clean and quiet. I know waxing is the best, but I don’t see the time as something well spent when you can get nearly as close with a drip. I could gain far more speed losing a few lbs.


Thanks for the replies. This could be a good read from Zero Friction with an in depth review:

… Nearly as long as your posts Dave! :rofl:

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Dave…any thoughts on the Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry lube?

I use R&R Gold or Squirt as boosters in-between wax baths, but would never use either as the primary lube–rather it’s the wax in a crock pot bath (paraffin with ptfe, and a bit of Molten pre-made in my own concoction)–way better than any lube FOR ME, in terms of keeping chains clean, smooth and prolonging (doubling?) the life of the chain, cogs and rings.

I am currently testing Silca Synergetic in the greater Vancouver area of Canada. It is rainy season, and it has been REALLY rainy. So far it performs pretty much like every other decent wet lube, able to survive a few wet rides with wipedowns, but definitely picks up more dirt than a dry lube. Whether it runs cleaner than say, FinishLine Wet or Muc-Off Ceramic Wet is hard to say.

I will say the needle applicator is really nice. Makes it very easy to apply precisely and saves a lot of over-lubing compared to most other applicators.



Great topic and great responses. I’ve been using RnR Gold (and now the blue Extreme) for years and having returned to Australia, my gravel bike chain is becoming gunked up quite quickly. Certainly quicker than I’d like anyway - in particular when riding on fine dusty roads. I will give the Silca stuff a try.

Give the Krush a go for the gravel :+1:
I found it a lot better than the Blue

Really? OK, then….tossing out what I have left and switching over to something else!

Thanks, Dave!

Smoove all the way for me. It lasts a bit longer than Squirt in dusty or wet conditions in my experience. As ZFC mention you need to put a bit of effort to get it worked into the chain properly, as the chain wear rate is high initially. I just heat the bottle up very briefly before applying and once applied give it the once over on the low setting with a heat gun…it’s kind of therapeutic in a weird way…


Just got through reading most of ZFC’s review of the Synergetic. It sounds like it is worth while to try on my roadie which I use on the ergo/sunny weather. I’ll report back with my findings when I get it on and have a few rides.

Phil Wood’s Tenacious Oil is great, but you should start with a very clean chain. You don’t have to break it like with waxing, just run through a cleaner a few times.

I also find Finish Line dry works well if you run the chain through a rag after after every ride or two to wipe off the gunk and then put a dab in each roller. It takes about two minutes and it’s part of my post ride routine of cleaning my bike.

I tossed the remnants of a bottle of Tenacious Oil this past week. I used it on everything with a chain (road bike/mountain bike/garage door…) and the bottle never seemed to run dry, despite years of attempts to be rid of it. I think it was an ok lube for its time, but I switched to Silca Supersecret a couple of years ago.

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R&R is more cleaning Fluid than lube. Definitely outdated.

I find Squirt a good compromise as it minimizes time needed to set it up and maintain it, yet performs very well.

I do as follows:

  1. With new chain, run the chain through a chain cleaner on the bike. Wash off residue with soap/water then water. Hold Squirt bottle on chain and turn cranks to get a drop on top and bottom of each link. Leave to dry and then repeat.

  2. Maintenance: Either just add lube

Or, wash bike as usual. Rinse bike. Hold rag on chain and turn cranks until chain somewhat dry. Hold rag on jockey wheel surface to clean it. Add more lube to chain. Run bike through cassette to get some squirt on cogs. Leave to dry.

That‘s it. Chain is fast, acceptably clean with near zero effort. Much easier than wax baths or removing nasty oil. Unless you ride a lot in the rain I wouldn’t advise a liquid oil as it’s a load of work by comparison.