Need product suggestion for speed sensor

Looking for a speed sensor that can communicate to a GPS unit via ANT+ or Bluetooth LE, which straps to the fork and senses wheel revolutions via a magnet on the spoke.

The Wahoo Speed rubber mount is too small to fit on larger hubs such as the Son28. Plus, there is not enough width on the rear wheel to put the Wahoo Speed onto.

Any reason you can’t use a rear wheel speed/cadence sensor?
Or get a longer strap for the speed sensor?

Use one of the elastic bands that come with Garmin units to attach the quarter turn mounts, loop it through the Wahoo strap and that will make it long enough to go around the hub.

I’ll try the Garmin rubber strap next. I’ve tried the larger of the two rubber straps that came with the Wahoo Speed but that was still too short.