Nerd Alert Jones

Does anyone else jones real bad for Nerd Alert after listening to the latest episode? I can maintain for a day or two. After that, I start getting jumpy, and that nervous tic on my face starts. After another day, the DTs come on real bad.

What do you guys do for a fix until the next Nerd Alert podcast comes out? What other good bike tech podcasts are there?

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I’m not aware of that verb, but Jones’s of the world may have had their surname purloined for the feeling of pining or hankering. Perhaps the etymology stems from Jeff Jones’ wonderful machines, for which I genuinely pine and hanker.


Is jones a verb? Or am I carbon dating myself with that question? :wink:

It is a verb, one of common knowledge, or so I thought.

Jones /jonz/

gerund or present participle: jonesing

  1. have a fixation on; be addicted to.

According to the interwebs it dates back to the 1960’s.

Not really.

Some of the podcasts are good and others just okay, I think I’m about three to four behind so I’ll catch up at some stage.

Cycling and it’s media is becoming more and more lackluster these days to me.


Since my comedic approach failed…what other bike tech podcasts are of interest or worth listening to? Right now, I listen to Nerd Alert and Josh Poertner’s/Silca’s Marginal Gains podcast.

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I listen to those 2 plus the Paceline by the Cycling Independent and the Leadville Podcast. Neither are close to as tech focused but cover some of the same topics. The Leadville one in particular covers elements like nutrition, training, and elevation technically and apply for any long effort. Great topic and hope others post good stuff I can check out!


Actually you did remind me, I do listen to the Silca podcast sometimes and The Rouleur as I like interviews with ex Pro’s pre 2000.

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