Nerd Alert Podcast topic request

There are a myriad ways to care for your bike chain, and I don’t want to debate that here. That said, I would love to listen to the NA podcast that was teased recently, in which Zach and Caley rebut Friction Facts and talk about why waxing bike chains is a waste of time. I do not want AK on the podcast, because personally I think he’s said his piece and won over everyone he’s going to win over already. In addition, both Caley and Zach are much better at ranting than they are at truly debating, and that’s what I want, unfettered ranting from two curmudgeonly anti-nerds about the nerdiest topic in cycling. Who’s with me?


I’m a confirmed waxer, and would like to listen to this.

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I prefer facts to ranting so would rather listen to Jason Smith and Adam Kerin. I suggest you head over to Hambini’s YouTube channel if you’re after non-factual ranting :wink:


I’m waiting for the rebuttal Zach and Caley promised in the March 30 podcast as well. However, I believe one of them begged off of it in an episode since then.

I don’t need ranting or even a debate. But I would like to hear at least a reasoned basis for the antipathy toward waxing.

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