New 105 di2! Hope they keep the mechanical one as well

So new 105 di2 coming soon. Let’s see how this goes.

As soon as I find out for sure, I’ll call you from a pay phone.


Totally unsurprising and totally logical when you see how many OEM specs now feature Rival AXS, and they will sell as many as they can make, I’d guess.

I would be surprised, though, if there was no mechanical equivalent (as it would leave a big price gap, I’d guess, between 105Di2 and Tiagra) but then I said the same about Ultegra, and there’s no sign (AFAIK) of a 12 speed mechanical offering in that groupset.

It will be interesting to see how/if Campag react to this, given the reported clamouring for an EPS gruppo below the (wonderful but stratospherically expensive) SR level. There’s obviously a crossover with the ‘future for high end mechanical’ thread so I won’t steer this one off track with comments I’ve already made there.

105 di2 will replace the missing analog ultegra in the OEM price scheme/Hierachy, I guess with a slight price increase.

105 di2 will defo shift better than a mech ultegra, so it would seem legit…

I’m on 11 Ultegra and find it absolutely perfect, but wireless makes every customer drool these days :-1:


Cool to see the evolution of electronic group sets even down to mid/lower end. At the same time, I strongly feel Shimano abandoning mech at the higher end is a mistake that will cost them in the long run. To lose the tooling and expertise will make even a return to mech if so desired in years to come either impossible or not what it once was.


I only have 2 wishes, 1) Its not a boat anchor like Rival AXS and 2) they still keep mechanical available.


just send across a hand written letter via steam ship. it will do.

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Given the total lack of coverage by anyone else I’m guessing we’re under embargo right now and this is just about to launch.

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These things tend to be announced around TdF, so that would make sense.

So are you telling me that Road CC have been left out? That would be strange

I doubt they have been left out, I guess they just see this as publically available information rather than confidential secrets.

This was posted by ryanw on the weightweenies forum. Looks pretty nice.


In case you missed it, here’s your chance to win 105 Di2 :wink:

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Wasn’t there a screenshot from a bike store’s order system (not sure the correct term) that showed SKUs for 105 hydraulic Di2 and hydraulic mechanical groups? If not here, I’ve seen it posted on another forum. So yes, they seem like they are keeping the mechanical version for this version of 105. I’m sad that there’s no 12s mechanical rim brake version of Ultegra or 105, but I’m not Shimano.

Given Shimano’s OEM dominance, it seems like they more or less have to have mech 105 to cover the US$2k-3k pricepoints. The question in my mind is what happens after this model. We might end up having Tiagra mechanical, then a huge gap in price, then 105 Di2 and nothing in between. I don’t think that would serve the sport well.

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Exactly…they undoubtedly know more than they are letting on. But reposting publicly-available information is not covered under an embargo.

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The big S are gonna sell bucket loads of this and they know it, it’ll bring electric to everyone, no more crud in the chainstay cables etc… that’s why i got it and my fingers her tired on the bike, ok a slack excuse but believe me, you’ll never get tired of that shift!, even id have it (105 di2) tho i so have etap 1st gen red… :ok_hand: - batteries are still good too 3yrs and counting & i like the shift action… :ok_hand:

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Great news for all, apart from HH karoo owners…

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Long live 10 speed.


Can’t wait…


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