New 105 di2! Hope they keep the mechanical one as well

Just saw this too. That retail pricing is a disaster, shifters/brake caliper are twice the cost of AXS Rival.

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Almost every customer. Exclude this retrogrouch from electronic shifting. I’ll set up bikes with e stuff, but refuse to own one. Ducks for cover…

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So if I have my sums right, once you add a chain, cassette and rotors you won’t be far off $1,500. Given that cycling components seems to be priced at £1 = $1 that’s twice the price that is currently being charged for a r7020 groupset.

Got to hope there’s a mechanical 105 groupset because there’s no way I can afford the Di2 one. Also confirms that for now I’m just going to maintain my current 11 speed groupsets.

New 105 Di2 is here!