New FTP during Race - kicked me out of race

So I’m doing a quick after work crit. I’m 20k into a 30k race. Doing well for myself. Pushing for all the primes etc. At 20k Zwift calculated my new FTP was 7watts higher than my current FTP. A giant pop up came up covering the whole screen alerting me to the new personal record. When I clicked through the pop up zwift kicked me out of the race (as a completed event). Anyone ever had this happen before? Any way to avoid it in the future aside from racing at a lower effort?

On a positive note, I probably went out a bit too hard and it was just starting to get painful so I wasn’t all that bummed :wink:

Way to avoid would be to race in the correct category. I assume your new FTP has raised your category up a level.

That makes sense. I geuss im about to start being crushed in B. Im right on the border. I tried racing B previously and it wasn’t much fun, i ended up getting dropped. I giess I’ll give it another go.

Yep. You can now ride in B, and - if you’re anything like me - get dropped when you can’t hold about 7w/kg for the first 2 minutes… :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Hmm, strangely similar to my experience. That is exactly why i raced in c. But if my w/kg have elevated me, ill give b another go. Or ill just increase my weight?

Where are you guys positioned during the starts? In A/A+ races 7w/kg for the first two minutes will put you on the front dragging the lead pack, even when some of the top e-riders are in the race.

Unless… you’re way back in the start pen and begin the race at the very back/off the back. Then for some reason Zwift doesn’t give you the draft and it’s a massive effort to reattach into the draft.