New Kit Day; what’s your favourite?

A friend just posted his “New Cleat Day” ride on Strava (I won’t say much, but his old Spd-SLs had seen better days), and my reply was that New Sock Day is better.

Now, obviously, New Bike Day is the Everest here, but the thing with NBD, is there’s almost inevitably quirks to work out. It takes a good 3 or 4 rides before you really Know with a new bike.

What’s a day where the new kit is a baby bear’s porridge? Have you had one recently? Or a memorable one from way way back?


New (first) MAAP jersey and matching socks, bought from a birthday gift card. Really nice jersey. Got a shout out from another guy with the same jersey on Kew Boullie :smiley: *edit: as he rode straight past me :frowning:


Current CT kit was my most recent New Kit Day. Being Rapha is always a good New Kit Day.


Castelli Gabba with Nanoflex arm warmers yesterday, as per the From the Top recommendation. I’ve never been so comfortable on the bike when it’s 13c and windy.


I’ll second the Cycling Tips kit.

I’m sad that the Rapha Custom program shutdown, since those have been some of my favorite kits recently. Rapha quality, with an always unique design that isn’t that common. My other favorite was the Breakfast Club ATX custom Rapha.

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New cables day. Unless they snap you never think that you need new cables but then when you make the effort to change them, you always kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

Additionally, if you upgrade the brake cable outers to some nice compressionless ones that’s always an enjoyable first ride.


Gabba for 13°C ? I can’t stand mine when it is more than 7 or 8.

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First ride with a headband (Castelli but could have been any other brand): farewell sweaty eyes, nothing I ever bought bettered my riding more than a €13 headband :grimacing:

And the first ride in Castelli midweight long sleeve jersey (the one only the pros had until last year). Such a great piece of kit.

Ok, it might have been 9-10c and it was superwindy so it felt cool and crisp. Whatever it was, I kept expecting to feel cold in the torso but just didn’t.

Yes Windstopper is very efficient in such conditions. Issue for me still is that as soon as I start pushing hard, sweat builds up behind it.

I was really excited to purchase a Rapha Brevet Long Sleeve Windblock Jersey in navy blue back in late 2016. I was getting back into riding in a big way that year and thought it was just the coolest piece of kit with a simple designed and great colors. I still enjoy wearing it and think it’s great on cool days. My wife has a matching jersey, too.

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New jersey day is always nice, they fit tightly and a I feel pro and clearly am riding faster than ever!

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Forgot to add my own choice. I was on holiday in need of a helmet, and the shop I went into only had one helmet in stock in my size, (I have a large head) and it was a Met Idolo. As soon as I clicked the back ratchet dial into place, I felt perfectly comfortable, and for the rest of the day I barely noticed I had a helmet on at all. My last few helmets had been Bell or Giro, but I have a new brand now.

When our club kit arrived a couple of years back. A parcel arrived with s/s jersey, l/s jersey, bibs, gilet, winter jersey, cap… felt like a pro. Of course I paid for it all but hey…

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Bought Q36.5 L1 pinstripe jersey two years back. Love the cut and the material. It become my favourite hot weather jersey.

I got club kit from Vie13 a couple years ago, still the best kit I’ve ever used.

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