New road shoes--how often?

I’m curious about patterns about replacing your road shoes. Are you?

  • Every year/season. Whether I need to or not–I love the look and feel of new shoes
  • Every 2-3 years–before they are a mess.
  • I wear them until they are falling apart.
  • I have a different schedule.

I rotate everything, I rarely throw stuff away. I still use some Shimano RO77s I’ve had for years. They are scuffed to hell and one of the ratchets is playing up, but they work. I use them for commuting. I have better shoes for other rides. I have a total of 4 pairs, which is too many.

Strictly speaking, shoes last a looong time if you don’t damage them.


My Shimano shoes are going on 15 years. A little scuffed up, but still in perfectly usable condition. I tend to use my equipment for as long as possible, so I’ll keep these for a while longer.


15 years! That goes well beyond what I thought was the outside limit.

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I’ve had my Shimanos for well more than a decade as well–have had to replace the cleats three times during that time, but the shoes themselves are still in great shape.

Yeh, my old Shimano MTB lace-ups have to be a good 16 years old now.
And the Shimano road shoes bought in 2014 are still going strong as commuter shoes, while the SIDIs are for weekends and longer rides. Just between the two road shoes there’s over 135,000 km of riding in all weather conditions.

buy quality gear, properly take care of it, and watch it last for years.
sure, there’s another way, it’s called being a dumbass with more money than sense.

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I am an unashamed bike gear junkie with more money than sense. However with shoes I am different, I wear them until they wear out. For the simple reason that a pair of well worn soft leather uppers are always going to be more comfortable than a new pair that may need breaking in, for me anyway. Mind you I have not tried any of the mesh shoes that are around at the moment.

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For mountain bike shoes, I usually manage to trash them after a season or two. Road shoes last considerably longer, probably at least three years. (Though a few times I’ve bought shoes and found after wearing them for a month or so that something doesn’t quite work right for me – never quite sure what to do with them then, so they wind up on a high shelf in the closet.)


I will run with the “I have a different schedule” theme.

I now have 4 x pairs of Velokicks that I run the G8insoles in. I rotate which pair I wear depending on my ride.
Lace ups for longer all day rides. (I also change the colour of my laces to suit my mood/kit - tragic)
Dial up - White for everyday riding.
Dial up - Black for winter/colder days & road bike commute.
Dial up - MTB/Gravel for the off road days.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I also have a pair of the old Answer Attack kangaroo leather MTB shoes for those muddy, wet, wild days on the MTB. (Now over 20yrs old)
Before that I had a pair of Carnac (Blue and yellow) that I wore for 15 odd years…


Bit of a different schedule. Works out to around every 12-14months. But i only have one pair, and replace them w the exact same pair (Bont zero+ wide). Ride around 900hrs per year, and that 12-14mon time span is right around where they tend to look really battered and beaten.

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I use Shimanos which last a very long time, even with a few crashes along the way. My current road kicks are Gen 1 Sphyres which must be 4-5 years old. I have replaced the heel rubber pad once and that’s the only maintenance other than cleats. The previous Shimanos were the top of the line heat mouldable ones (I forget the model) which must be over 10 years old and still serve as my back up pair. On the MTB I just bought the Ultegra level ones and they seem very very robust.

7 years.
Heel rubber replaced at 3 years old.
Then at year 7 It looks worn again but I couldn’t source replacement rubber for that shoe anymore.
So, when you sense that your shoes are going to be outdated, buy spare heel rubber replacement.

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I have somewhere around size 14 feet, which means literally no shoes fit me - I’ve tried everything from Sidi to Lake to Shimano to Fizik to Northwave - none have worked. For the past 15-20K miles I’ve worn ill-fitting Giro SLX in size 49 - which are too long and my feet slide around, but they are the closest to fitting in the forefoot and heel. I finally got a pair of Bont Vaypor to try - now I’m waiting for my wife to go away for a day so I can sneak them into the oven and see if I can make the instep mold where I need it to be. So yeah - if those work, I’ll be really happy.


Good old marketplace is often a better place than the top shelf.

I guess I buy a new pair every year and something, but I haven’t been at it for very long. I guess the shoe purchases will taper down.

I have a pair of three and something year old Decathlon B’twin 500 road shoes which are my go-to for the trainer or triathlon where I tend to run in shoes. Cheap yet sturdy, comfortable and functional. Will probably get used for years to come.

I bought their high end shoes for a year which were less comfortable (workable after moulding and replacing insoles) but the more cramped toebox led to my toenails (and a few others) eventually falling out after an IM last year. Binned them soon after that.

My current road shoes are a pair of Lake CX301s in their wide fit which are nothing short of rediculously comfortable and lightweight. Despite the lightweight construction the held up rather well even through the odd crash and spill. Lacquered soles are scuffed very badly and one of the heel pads has gone missing, though. Will probably buy another pair - maybe in white for fair weather riding before the summer.

About four years for me…

Except for my mountain bike shoes, I don’t use them all that often.

And also except for that new pair of shoes I crashed within a month. Left shoe had a pretty big tear in it, and the boa dials broke. Still, replaced one boa dial and used “shoe goo II” to glue the leather back together - now these are my indoor shoes :sweat_smile:


I had this issue and my shoe repair guy just glued on a cut down heel pad :+1:

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I have so many issues getting a good fit for my fat feet that it’s not worth trying to change them unless I have to.
Shimano R321 still going strong.

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There’s got to be some folks who go for the new shoes on a regular basis. BTW, I am a firm believer in Shoe Goo for heel augmentation.

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