New standard (?) for an old guy - 85MM bb shell - what?

OK, getting a new frame, nothing too odd (other than it is a recumbent).

The spec that is puzzling me:
T47 85mm wide BB shell

OK, I can find a number of T47 BBs like Token T47VGPX - Inboard Bearing - though would probably get something different than that model.

But cranks - how do I find something that’ll work with the 85mm shell? I’m used to 68 or 73, 85mm?

Browsing around I’m not finding any info on what crank works with it, think they all just are for 68mm.

Am I missing something or this is just how it is now and it’s not that big a deal as there are plenty of options out there that I just haven’t found?

Thanks in advance,

Ordinary cranks will fit, the bearings are in the same place as with a 68mm shell with external bearings.

I had Paragon Machine Works make me some 86mm T47 shells as a custom job. Here is the fit with Chorus cranks and the CBear internal Campagnolo BB. (pic pending)

Thanks for the info. Definitely helps. Would be awesome if I could use an existing crank in these times - one less thing to wait for and pay extra for.