New Zwift Updates for 2022

I posted this in the “face palm / doping” thread, but most people won’t be looking there to discuss it, so I thought I’d start a new thread.

Seems like Zwift is finally listening to requests from its core users (improved home screen, easy visibility of routs completed, etc)

New maps / routes are always good, although they don’t note how many KM’s of new roads there are with the Neokyo expansion. Seems to double back onto itself a fair amount, which tends to give the impression there are fewer new KM’s than advertised.

The stats listed are interesting (and many are pretty obvious), but I question why they limited the scope of the stats to the last 30 days, since in the northern hemisphere prime Zwift season is only just beginning. To that point, Zwift claims 20% of the users raced in that time frame. I don’t doubt the numbers, but I think the time period skews the number higher. During this time, your user base is unquestionably more dedicated and therefore more likely to race. IIRC, past stats indicated that less than 10% of Zwift users did a group ride, let alone a race.