No live TV for The Womens Tour?

GCN have removed live coverage pics of Womens Tour from app. ITV4 and Eurosport only showing highlights at 8pm in the evening for Monday 4 Oct. No live coverage mentioned on WT website tv page.

If this is the case would be so disappointing. Highlights are ok but same every day and don’t really tell the excitement and story of the race, especially with sprint finishes and after we were told we had it. Coming through my area and told everyone there was live coverage!

GCN and WT announced 5 year partnership earlier in year for flag to finish coverage so what has happened? Tour of Britain, a lower category race, had full live coverage and was great.

Presumably WT would be demoted a level in 2022 if so?

Hope I’m wrong but ……has now been confirmed by organisers. Such a shame.

Same organisers run ToB but under contract to BC so WT may be running with the money that’s left and unequal prize money and spread of tv coverage may lie at another door, not Sweetspot.

There are about six or so folks who would watch it. So, you can not get commercial sponsors. Unless PBS wants to pick it up (in the US) there is no way any channel who intended to be able to pay its own bills would broadcast it.