No more Specialized at Mike's Bikes - their biggest U.S. retailer

Just received this email - fallout from this business acquisition:

Any indication of who ended the partnership? For either side to end this it seems like they’d be shooting themselves in the foot.


One would have to guess internet rumor. No LBS in their right mind cancels Specialized (or Trek or Giant). Santa Cruz is a boutique brand that does not even come close to what S has to offer. To that, S does have some pretty firm (getting firmer) rules about their tiers and what products an LBS can sell in their showrooms. This can deter some niche markets and what not…

As for the other internet rumors about S selling direct (via the web). My LBS loves, loves loves it…consumer orders and pays for an item, ships to the shop, shop hands it to end user and shop gets a nice commission check (varies based on LBS levels). Everyone wins…

I have not been in a Mikes for years…but, imagine if the get Trek…

I just read an email from Mikes Bikes saying specialized terminated the relationship upon the news of the buyout. They also cancelled over 400 pre-purchased bikes MB had placed for customers. They are down as of 10/31/21. P

Pretty mind blowing considering this chain was the number one seller for Specialized bikes for many years.

I love the wording of the Specialized release: “undergoes new ownership”, just like you’d undergo surgery or a tax investigation.