Nothing on the new Bianchi Oltre?

I know it’s everything one should hate in a bike - integrated everything, insanely expensive, all house brand parts (including 3D printed saddle), but I was kind of looking forward to reading about it. Especially as I’ve just renewed my subscription, it’s a bit disappointing to have absolutely nothing about these bikes on the site. Not even a ‘from the source’ copy and paste from the manufacturers press release. It looks to have some interesting stuff going on despite the wonky looks. Or has CT become persona non grata in Bianchi world for how much of a slaying you guys gave the Arcadex?!

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Off lately I have been only running a quick eye on CT since work pressures have increased and I am not getting the time to scan the other websites. Your comment made me realise that its a mistake since i did not even know the Oltre has got released!

As an aside the bike is so damn ugly. A shitshow with integration. Aaaaagh! Ok cross all of the above. I thinking CT just took one for the team and decided to not show us this monstrosity. :joy:


Who says that a story isn’t pending? Does every article have to come out exactly when other bike media outlets publish theirs? Have you considered that perhaps CT is trying to exercise some due diligence or get more information?

I had no idea that a story on the new Bianchi Oltre was so time-sensitive.


Now i know why Jumbo Visma must be eager to jump on to Cervelo. They must have seen the under development bike. Oh god such a f’ng ugly ugly UGLY bike. :joy::joy:


I think we got to give the cyclingtips team the benefit of the doubt on new bike posts. Anyone can copy and paste from a press release. If history is correct, CT’s tech team is working on an article that is worth reading with ride impressions and analysis. Being first isn’t always ideal.


Um… Specialized don’t make the Bianchi Oltre, and neither do trek. Not sure why you’re expecting to see anything much about it here.

Well we’ll see, I guess.

Hambini has it summed nicely - $14K Bianchi Oltre RC 2023 | Critical Review of HyperBike - YouTube

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By the way - they used to make really nice bikes. - right :wink:

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People moan at CT for not critically analysing press releases but then also moan at them for not immediately reporting on new releases. Seems like they can’t win.

I’m happy to wait for them to report on a new bike once they’ve actually ridden it for a decent amount of time. Not making a load of judgements based on a few photos released to the press.


A new Diverge is allegedly being launched today so maybe it’s all hands on deck for that :wink:

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If they are planning a big feature on it, then I’m absolutely happy to wait and have some real commentary about the bike. But that strikes me that this is what the From The Source is supposed to be for. Minimal effort to at least acknowledge the fact there is a new bike launch, followed up with some in depth analysis later? Otherwise you have a news section that doesn’t have actual news. I’ve been on other outlets to read about this, and it looks to have some interesting stuff going on (despite the looks).

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If I’m talking about the right bike, those wind fairings will be banned by the uci right? tho who doesn’t like that Celeste colour :heart_eyes:

The C4 was designed by the company with the same name (now only dedicated to spearfishing and freediving stuff), not by Bianchi.

Just realised that Bianchi aren’t actually supplying bikes to any World or Pro Conti teams right now.

Surely a bike like this should be proven in the peloton? At the very least to back up their own marketing.

Nothing is proven in the peloton. At best what is proven is that it doesn’t crack on a repeated basis. A small gain/loss is invisible. You can’t even compare power numbers to speed on strava accounts as riders have different fit and thus aero profile, weight, different power meters and they aren’t riding in the same slipstream at an instant T.

Race wins back up marketing. The old saying “what wins on Sunday sells on Monday” still rings true.

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marketing != proving

Did everyone not notice that Caley already commented on the situation in the CT or VN thread?

After many requests, Bianchi never sent us the media information. I can only guess as to why

So if you guys wanna get upset at someone, get upset at Bianchi who apparently is holding a grudge because CT rightfully dissed their gravel bike as ugly AF….the Pontiac Aztec of bikes.


Yes they used too.