Now that the Tour is over, is it time to admit Lefevere was wrong?

Tough crowd when 2 stage wins and a day in yellow is “underperforming” :rofl: :rofl:

Part of the problem was that all their success was stacked at the beginning of the race…so by the end of 3 weeks, what they achieved kinda faded.


Fair point. I suppose that they set their standards so high that two stage wins and a day in yellow still feels a bit of a disappointment!

But I also said in my comment that “Patrick likely looked at the two riders and thought: okay, if everything went to plan for both riders, who should I pick?”

He obviously decided Jakobsen would yield the better returns. And, as you say, just like we don’t know what QS’s goals were, we don’t know exactly what parameters or criteria Patrick made that decision on.
So, unless he comes out and says he’s wrong (but as Nikolai says, that’s not his MO), then, sure I could suggest he was wrong, but it’s nothing more than speculation.

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It’s a valid point. After everything that happened after week 1, I momentarily forgot that Wout wore yellow for a few days.

Agree with bringing Remco in lieu of a missing Julian. I still reckon they would have taken a couple of days in yellow and a couple of stages before the Tour started - knowing that Asgreen was also a bit of a selection gamble, and Tim Declerq tested positive to Covid on the eve of the start.

There is no way to know for sure. You can’t rewind and watch the same race with Cav.

1st it doesn’t matter cause there is 0% chances to know what would have happened
2nd they won one (sprint) stage, that’s more than pretty much anyone else
3rd this Tour had very little opportunities for sprinters so little chances for something (4 stages?)
4th the decision was totally logical before the Tour. They would take it again anyday.

Nope. They won two stages. Yves Lampaert won the prologue as well.

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Bad decision, Pat. No two ways about it.

Few sprinters survived this tour. It was a new race, faster, explosive, and no lead outs - sprinters we’re blown out by week one as Cavendish would have been. He wouldn’t have made it to Paris.

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Did we watch the same tour? How many proper Cav-type sprints were there? Two, three maybe?

I’m very happy to see Jakobsen making such a great comeback from his crash. That said, there were a few places where he appeared ( to me at least) to get boxed in during the sprint at the finish. I’d like to think that Cav’s experience would have kept that from happening to him. But as many have pointed out already, we’ll never know. The cliche “hindsight is 20/20” definitely applies.