Ode to my Specialized Allez Elite

Hey all,

Just want to thank the CT team for the discussion on the bike industry. In particular I enjoyed the conversation concerning bikes priced at $2,000 USD and less as that’s the type of bike I have ridden for the past 6 years (my entire cycling career thus far) and I don’t feel a need to by something much more exoensive than that. It would be great to see them show some more love to the aluminum race machines out there!

My first bike was a Trek 1.5, aluminum fram with Tiagra grouping that I put at least 10K miles on before getting my latest bike, an Allez Elite. I never put any upgrades into the Trek, but my Specializdd on the other hand has seen some upgrade love in the form of:

  1. Carbon bars and seatpost
  2. 4iiii’s PM
  3. Conversion to full 105
  4. Carbon wheels in the future

It’s a bike I bought for $,1350 (now $1,600) and I when I first bought it a year ago I was absolutely stunned by the ride quality and continue to be. I ride with all the fasties that sport carbon frams & wheels, etc… and I never feel like I can’t hang - unless the legs are dead of course.

If Specialized offered an Allez with tops specs seen on an Aethos, I’d get the Allez without hesitation (cables on the front and all). The Allez Sprint is an appealing prospect and I think they do good work with the paint jobs, so maybe that will be my next ride.


Great to hear, I hope Specialized continue making the Allez for a long time, the world needs more fast and reasonably priced bikes even if rim brakes aren’t fashionable any more.

Honestly, I think modern aluminium frames are all most riders need.
They can be bloody fast like your Allez, a CAAD or a Bowman Palace or have a refined ride like a Mason Definition.
The days of the uncomfortable aluminium frame are long gone.


My Fuji was all carbon and aero frame and (mechanical) discs and 105 all for about 2000 Eur. Over the years it got upgraded extensively.

Giant Propel is what a lot of my club mates ride at just over 2000 Eur for a carbon aero bike with 105.

Plenty of good bikes in that range.

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Not any more…everything has been jacked up considerably. Case in point - 3 years ago, the Giant Propel w/ Ultegra mechanical and discs was ~$3800. Relatively good deal. That same bike today is $4900 w/ basically the exact same spec.

Hello @Evan_Fortune,

My apologies for bringing this thread back up. Totally agree with you as I also own a Specialized Allez Elite and have been for a couple of months and it’s a great bike for sure! Question, where did you get your carbon seatpost, and handlebar? Do you mind sharing any links? I’m interested in seeing them for future upgrades for my bike! Thanks in advance!