Old team kits… trash? Donate? Knit into ugly sweater?

Just curious what some are doing with their old team club/race gear. I’m not racing like I used to a just found a bun of new and used bibs, jerseys, skin suits, etc.

If donating please suggest any orgs you know doing it right.

One suggestion, if you have a velodrome anywhere close to you, see if they take donations for learn to ride programs. Many velodromes have school outreach programs and can use donated kit.

@Destro I donate old kit all the time to a local community cycling youth program in Atlanta. Where do you live? If you’re a decently sized city or cycling community I’m sure there are youth programs there.

On a side note, when I donate my kit the local club only the youngest kids can wear it because they grow them so big these days! All of the teens are much taller than me. lol

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