Opinions wanted for a new project

Hi all,

As I am quiet new to this forum I love the vibe already after reading some threads.

For a project I am involved in we are in need of some of the most critical opinions. We would like to collect your opinion with a survey, we hope to had a lot of room for you to express your story eloborately or keep it compact but complete. Hope you can help a man out here, please visit our survey at Survey — Raamwerk

A bit more background info about the project; together with a mate we have ridden all kind of bikes and all kind of materials and working for more over a decade in the cycling industry we believe the time is here for a new approach. Read more over at raamwerk.cc

Thanks in advance for your opinion/story/criticism on the topic, much appriciated!

Any suggestions or comments are much welcome any tips or tricks are appreciated as much!

I’m excited to see what you come up with. Your philosophy lines up pretty closely with mine!

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Very curious on your ideas. As a bike enthusiast I always look at what the market offers. From this the thought emerged of an aluminium disc brake road/gravel bike that will mostly be used for year round commuting/training. The commuting aspect makes me yearn for integrated cables up until the rear derailleur. Not liking cleaning. The Merida Scultura Endurance AL has this for example. Cables could be run smarter though.
Geo wise I’d like to be able to get a more racy position then the SE offers.

Before we go integrated cables = bad. Bad design is bad. Not taking usability in the design is bad. A smart design with perhaps a video explaining how to replacing cable like Canyon has on its bikes could make a difference.


Great to hear! Can you maybe elaborate on your philosophy? If you like to of course

Will definitely look into the models you are naming. And really agree on the integrated cables discussion. Do I understand correctly you like them integrated for easier cleaning of the bike? Are you doing the maintenance on your bike(s) yourself, or having a guy for that (for example to replace the hose for the disc brakes)?

I like the idea of a bike that is easy to work on and doesn’t have proprietary parts. I work on my own bikes and keep them for a long time, and I absolutely hate the idea of having to scrap a frame because some small proprietary part breaks and is no longer available. I prefer working with threaded bottom brackets. I’m good with internal cable routing as long as it does not go through the headset. I don’t have enough confidence with my ability to get my fit dialed in right away to be willing to mess with a fully-integrated system.

I also like the looks of aluminum frames and appreciate the potential cost savings over carbon. Larger tires should make up for increased frame stiffness.

This being said, my road bike is fairly new and I’m quite happy with it, so I probably won’t buy a new frame any time soon, even if it’s exactly what I would want.


Integrated for cleaning of the bike. Riding in rain of wet roads. Maintenance I do myself.
Haven’t had to replace hydraulic lines though.

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Thanks for sharing! It is indeed the reason why we started this project Raamwerk.

May I ask what frame you bought lately? Kind of curious what you would buy these days with a similair view on frames.

We are all for sustainability as well so just replacing a bike isn’t of these times, although we have always room for 1 more in our own garage :wink: (as long as it different than the ones we have)

I bought a Canyon Endurace CF 7 (carbon, Shimano 105 build) a bit over a year ago. I got a good deal on one through their factory outlet, and that was a major factor since not much was available at that time. It doesn’t meet all of my criteria (press-fit bottom bracket, integrated seatpost clamp) but it would have cost more and taken far longer to build up the “ideal” bike.

I’m not sure what I do right now if I had to replace it. Some of the open mold carbon frames are actually pretty close to what I want (Carbonda CFR 1506 is very close). I liked the looks and concept of the Bowman Palace 3C frame, but that’s not really a viable option.

While I fully support N+1, I’m getting dangerously close to S-1 so I need to be very selective as to what enters my garage! The Endurace meets my road needs, so the next addition or change will be a mountain bike.

I forgot to mention in the survey that a good color selection is important as well!

Hi, i filled out your survery, looking forward to see what you guys design. Just a suggestion, don’t forget to add ebike to the type of bikes :slight_smile:


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Thanks for sharing and the extra addition to your survey, will make sure it will be added!

Sounds like winning the lottery buying a new bike last year and getting it delivered the same year. Had enough time to enjoy it fully?

Thank you for filling out the survey, We love to show you more! We will launch it via email first also the availability of the frame/bike will be shared via email at first.

As for the ebikes do you mean for the survey or for our line of bikes to develop?

Do you ride a drop bar ebike yourself? If so, what is the main purpose of the ebike?

I definitely got lucky - I found the bike in the build, size, and color I wanted, and I got it for a discount. I had the bike 4 days after ordering it as well.

Other than some breaks due to travelling, I’m on it a couple times a week. It’s definitely living up to my expectations!

Yeah I mean for the survey. I have an eMTB which is an all in one bike: Trail blaster, grocery getter, kid hauler, and errand machine.