Paris Roubaix Femmes - spoilers inside

I hope you all watched the ladies today in Roubaix and if not, that you watch the replay. Let’s let them all know we want to see more of the women on TV!!

It was a fantastic win for Lizzie and a great chase by Vos. I think Vos just ran out of gas after that amazing run to halve the lead. Also, I haven’t seen any follow up, but some of those crashes were brutal and I hope no one was seriously injured.

Thanks to @Caley_Fretz for sharing live clips on the route from the spectator’s point of view too.

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Obviously a bit weird with such a long-distance solo-ride from Lizzie, but seeing the Trek’s Cordon-Ragot / Longo Borghini controlling the different race-movements has been great and ultimately giving them 1-3-8.
A shame Voss attack happened just before a crash, it may have complicated the chase.


Brilliant first edition. Next year has got a lot to live up to now.

At the final chase I was shouting and twitching at the TV.


who dares wins. Lizzie smashed it with her early attack. having a clear view of lines through the pave sections was pretty smart in those conditions. I wonder if the men’s winner will come from a similar move tonight, because sitting in the bunch doesn’t seem like a winning tactic in these conditions.

AVV broke her pubic bone. To be honest, if that was the only major injury I think fortune has shined on them last night cos it looked treacherous. I thought Van Dijk had broken her collarbone for sure but she finished.

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EPIC ride by Deignan. What a way to win the inaugural edition. Legendary!!

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I stayed up to watch it - way past bedtime in Sydney. It feels like an historic moment. What a race! I really thought Vos was going to pull Deignan back. I still find it incredible that a solo breakaway for 80km actually won the day and now I find out that wasn’t actually the race plan, just an opportunity that presented itself.


From what I read, AVV’s injury must have been pretty bad.

The CT article says she was Trek’s #3. Talk about taking advantage of the opportunity!

It was a fantastic move, but I also think it had a lot to do with her bike handling skills. I thought she was going down more than once, and she saved it. Brilliant ride.

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I loved Lizzie’s move but when she says “it wasn’t the plan” I always suspect this is an excuse for breaking from the team plan and going for the win.

We haven’t seen exactly what happened but based on interviews and reports, she basically went in front on the very first sector to be able to follow any attack, but she came out with a big enough gap on the bunch that she decided to let the other work to catch up. Which never happened. Because being alone on the cobbles probably gave her an advantage to ride freely with less stress and thus wasting less energy.
So I have no issue believing them when they’re saying it wasn’t the plan, because without experience on Roubaix it was almost certain that “the plan” wasn’t going to be what actually happened.
There’s probably a bit of beginner’s luck in this scenario since nobody knew what to expect.
Surely in 2022 things will be a bit different. I would be very surprised if the bunch let less than four riders getting away at the first sector.

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Great race, if brutal. As others have said, riding off the front at PR in the wet is pretty smart, as for fair chunks of the race it’s very hard for a chasing group to organise itself and work together to pull a rider back, plus you’re never going to have to worry about the domino effect. I’d be surprised if anyone was allowed to do something similar in the men’s race, mind you, and the fact that (iirc) it’s over twice the length might also problematise a very early attack.

Interesting setup on Deignan’s Trek, as well; apparently totally the mechanics’ recommendations.

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There were some (plenty) moments I saw that if somehow I was going that fast over mud/cobbles/cow shit I’d have stacked big time. Really impressive.

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Concussed. But rode on.