Park Tool PCS-10 stand sticking

I’ve had a Park Tool PCS-10 stand, it’s about 7-8 years old.

There’s a compression sleeve and cone set that allow the clamp to rotate the bike up and down. They’re made of black plastic (ABS?) and I can’t find any guidance on lubrication.

The problem is that once it’s tightened to secure the bike from rotating, I need a hammer to break that “stiction” between the nut and sleeve. Once it breaks free it spins fine.

I’ve tried grease, assembly compound, and anti seize. It’s been either too loose or still sticking.

Trying some MSW now, which seems promising.

Anyone else have a method?


I have the same and it’s been sticking for years. Following to see if anyone has fixed it.

My 9 is the same. Following… Need a breaker bar to move it.

Have you actually disassembled the head and cleaned/lubed everything or are you just spraying lube in the gap between parts? I’ve pulled mine apart a few times, cleaned it up, sprayed it with dry lube, and reassembled and it still works great.

cough over-tightening cough

Yes, several times I’ve had it apart, cleaned, put back together and it would still stick.

At one point I had greased it, but then it was hard to get it to hold a bike from rotating.

I tried some Molten Speed Wax, and that seems to be working for now. Didn’t melt it, just put some grains in there and tightened it up, cleaned out some of the excess, and it all seems to work pretty good now.

I have the opposite problem.
Brand new PCS 9.3.
Out of the bos and assembled.
I cannot tighten the cones tight enough to prevent the clamp from rotating.

Another with the same issue, posting to see if anyone else has solved it

Anyone reached out to Park Tool? My experience has been that they have very good customer support and keep replacement parts for their tools around for a long time.

Yeah mine too. I have a PRS-5 that I’ve had forever. The cone has always slipped so I used a tiny bit of assembly compound which immediately locked the whole thing up… lol. Had to carefully pry the cone assembly apart using two “lady foot” pry bars opposite each other. After that mess it definitely slips less now, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I think lightly scuffing the cone with some very fine sandpaper (600 grit) would do the same thing. You’ll want to test the “bite point” as you go so as not to overdo it. Seems to be a fine line between slipping and binding.

Molten Speed Wax powder has been my long term fix. I can get enough friction to hold the bike at any angle, and it breaks free when I need it to.

I’ve greased mine recently, using thick-ish grease. No idea if this is a good idea… or even if it’ll work, as I’ve not yet tried moving it since :grimacing: