Paywall issues?

Anyone else having issues with the new paywally thing?

I’m a member (hence being able to post here) but every time I go to look at the main site articles I get the big go away and join up.

Have done the usual log out, log back in - no joy.
I did reach out to CT initially and was reassured that it shouldn’t be an issue. Have been back in touch, but yet to get a reply. (Presume they’re busy and will get to it.)

I’m happy to acknowledge a degree of tech numptiness, but not sure that applies in this case. (But if it’s just me then I’ll wear it.)

Thoughts? Solutions?

I used to receive the daily feed, until November 3rd or so, when they shut free access down, and demanded money to read their articles. I quit on that day. If they can’t generate enough revenue from advertising, they’re doing something wrong, and to simply ask the people that already make up their support group to cover their own missteps in marketing their “product” is simply wrong. There are several other similar daily feeds which I also subscribe to, and are free, so haven’t missed a thing.

They should have asked for voluntary contributions, separating “premium” members from the mainstream group, offering the premium folks a bit of incentive (better, quicker access to …?), but to simply switch from day to night in one broad stroke left me out. The solutions, as mentioned, are the alternative sites that provide essentially the same service for free.


Having the same issue here, been a subscriber for 2 years, and happy to contribute to have a free cycling press where they don’t have to follow editorial guides to keep sponsors happy.

HOWEVER, keep having that paywall banner, even did the log-out / log-in , tried on many devices, nothing works. CyclingTips : GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND MAKE THIS WORKS, as a paying subscriber, this is totally unacceptable and makes me really think again when time comes to continue subscription.

Yet on top of that, there seems to be no way to go back and see the renewal date for the subscription.

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I’m sorry, but this is simply misguided…first, it completely misses the basis of what CT was founded upon. Second, online advertising doesn’t generate near the revenue that print advertising used to. There is no sustainable business model based solely on advertising.

How would you feel if I came to your place of work and demanded that you give me the fruits of whatever labor you do for free…or told you to go find sponsors to cover your costs? Pretty sure you would tell me to go pound sand.


They did do that, it’s called VeloClub and has been around for at least a year but obviously it wasn’t enough.


I am sorry as well–you missed a few basic points, none of which are really arguable, since of course they are merely my opinions, for which no can can be censured in a free community such as this–my points were (1) there was no advance warning whatsoever, (2) there were no options, such as primary, supporting and premier membership options, and (3) there are equivalent alternatives that offer essentially the same product for free.

I am sorry, but a better managed product could result in a better product, none of which has anything to do with my workplace, but since you thought that was relevant, in addition to my regularly paying job, I do offer my services for free to those who need it–go figure.

Yes, there was. See the CT Commercial Ties thread. Wade said changes were coming.

Sure there are…you can continue to pay nothing to CT and have a limited number of articles to read every month call it primary); you can pay a monthly fee for the months you want to read more than 3 articles (Supporting) or you can be a VeloClub member and read as much as you want (Premier)

Yup…the key point is that you you don’t offer ALL your services for free or have your customers expect you to find funding from other sources.


Please name this multitude of other feeds that provide all of the following for free: daily coverage of racing, independent product reviews, unfiltered editorials, deep dives into cycling cultural stories, and cycling and technology podcasts.


Returning to the original topic, I can report no problems at all.

You tried logging off and back in, but did you also delete all cookies and cleared the cache whilst logged out out? The might solve it.

No issues here. As the persistent authentication is done with cookies and you say you are having this problem on several different devices, I would guess that either you are logging in with an account that is not matched to your member account, or the subscription was not correctly set up on the one and only account you are using - or all your devices enforce a strict privacy configuration that somehow sabotages the cookie mechanism. Or else you failed to pay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have seen some issues in the past. The subscriptions, payments, log in and profile stuff is handled by third party software as a service. This means there will be some issues from time to time.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a clear path in requesting help. No obvious support admin or webmaster email.

I went through the editorial email and my query was forwarded to 3rd party support who were very quick to sort out the issues.

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I’ve cleared cookies on my tablet every few days for years now. I have noticed, not by design, that the free articles left reminder also resets when I clear my cookies. It seems a bit of an easy work around to avoid the paywall.

Reminds me of early Satellite Tv. There was a channel called Screensports which I think had the Spanish Football. Every advert break it would say it was a subscription channel and call this number to watch, when clearly you simply did not have to pay anything whatsoever.

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Thanks for the replies.

Have to be clear that the intent in posting was not to kick off a debate whether the paywall is justified or not - just to source a solution (if possible) to my access issues.

So I did try the cache clearing - and unfortunately, that hasn’t worked.

Hopefully an admin will cruise on by and offer up a solution.

@Andy_van_Bergen - I think you’re the right person to tag for help?


Hi @dbecky1, @Nicolas_Dery would you be able to shoot me an email at and I’ll dig into your issue - it could be a couple of things, so once you shoot through an email I’ll check that out for you. Thanks, and sorry for the hassle!

Thanks for getting in touch.

I think I’ve discovered the issue and it’s a mea culpa moment!

It looks like I haven’t been a member for a while. I was on a monthly payment and that stopped - no idea why because I didn’t stop it.
My credit card records show no recent payments.

However, when I tried to fix that today - the system was stalling on accepting the payment, and at time of writing, no payment has gone through.

I’ll try again, but am thinking that’s likely the problem.


David Beckwith


just a follow up on the previos email.

Have tried again to resubscribe, but will not let me.

The odd thing is I still seem to have some membership benefits even though the $$ haven’t been coming your way.
Anyway - over to you and we’ll see what you can sort out.


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Thanks Dave, I’ve just popped you an email to follow up. Looks like your account was associated with one of your other email addresses.

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Question on the paywall: how does it apply to legacy articles? It may sound odd but there’s a few articles I refer to semi regularly (ie. Dave’s encyclopaedia on drivetrain lubrication and cleaning).

I really like this site and will consider paying - just not reading the newer content enough right now to justify the fee.

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Hi @RyanMc it does, with some exceptions that we apply manually. In theory the paywall shouldn’t double count articles you have already opened, but I’m pretty certain that resets every 30 days. Alternatively save those one as a bookmark on a different browser and you’ll be fine.