Paywall issues?

Yeah I’m in the same boat with my thoughts, I’m sitting on the fence with regards to subscribing but lately I haven’t seen many articles that interest or inspire me to want to subscribe.

I don’t know why but it feels like something has changed on here, a year or two ago felt more appealing?

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Thanks to Andy’s intervention and suggestions, I’m now all sorted. In response to ‘thisindustry…’ - I think there are ebbs and flows where material appeals, or doesn’t grab me. Usually a trough is followed by veritable tsunami of good stuff that takes a while to get through and distracts from proper work.


Kinda mea-culpa,

After checking credit card records, realized the yearly subscription did not renew automatically

(why? I dunno, from a business perspective, you should reamind when subscription is about to end, and ease the user into subscribing again hah!)

Soo, ended starting subscription again, and it now works.

Thanks for the involvement.



Thanks for that - and you are not the first to have a sub quietly slip into the night. I understand that those reminder messages containing trigger words like ‘credit card’ and ‘payment’ probably cop a bit of the junkmail treatment.

Same here. I missed that reminder but it’s sorted now

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