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The other day the wife asked me how come I don’t use those “videogamey” indoor bike things. She refers to Zwift, of course. I’m a roadie and do own an insideride set of rollers that I swear by, but the thought of riding indoors makes me shudder. I mentioned that those things are pricey, so why not get a Peloton bike and both of us can use it(we’re roughly the same height). She agreed, and now I need some intel on how it works. Does it record power? Do I have to subscribe to the Peloton app for workouts? I know she might have to buy road shoes (no biggie), but aside from that what are the concrete pros and cons of owning this machine? Does it have to be a peloton? Cause I know there are other contraptions out there. Remember this is for the wife and I, so no suggestions of things for my bike. She’s not a bike person so the subscription would be appealing as it offers other services.
Thanks guys.

Get a smart trainer for less than half the price. Takes up less space, you can each put your own bike on it.

If she doesn’t have a bike, you can get her one, and you’re still ahead of the price of a peloton.

The peloton bike only works with the peloton app (afaik) so you wouldn’t be able to use it on zwift or any other indoor cycling app

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The Peloton bike is very smooth and very quiet. The power meter is notoriously inaccurate. You will either need to accept that your power numbers on the P will be different than your other bike or buy power pedals you can use on both (or calibrate to be close to your other bike pm). Customer support is excellent. You CAN buy other bikes and just use the Peloton app, but it’s nice having the huge screen on the Peloton. Remember that you’ll both have to use the same saddle. I know people who use the Peloton to do Trainerroad sessions by connecting pm pedals.

If you do off the bike exercise, you’ll have free access to the app too, so you can do HIIT workouts, running classes, yoga, etc. off the bike.

For me, personally, I am super picky about my music, and I struggle with the music in Peloton classes. Other people who like modern pop love it. There are tons of coaches with tons of different styles. I wish there was a way to play your own music but still hear the coach instead of having to listen to their music.

If you or your wife like the social side of exercise, there is a massive support community of Peloton users out there with many, many, Facebook pages. One of the more popular one, the Power Zone Pack, is run by a friend of mine from the early days of Peloton. They organize frequent challenges that include weekly on and off bike goals, along with Team challenges, etc. People frequently do live classes together or organize a time to do an on demand class simultaneously.

One downside is that the classes used to be mostly 45 minutes, and they have introduced a lot of shorter classes now, BUT, there is a stacking feature, so, for example, you could stack 3 30 minute classes into a 90 minute session. There is a huge on-demand library.

You can connect to Apple Health, Strava, weight loss apps, etc.

We’ve owned a Peloton since early 2016. I haven’t used it for a few years due to the music topic, but my wife still rides 4 times a week. I’m a TrainerRoad guy.

Happy to answer any other questions.


Well that is just factually wrong….unless he is just going to buy his wife a low-end bike, which brings a whole host of other issues into play (number of gears, cassette options, etc).

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One of the strongest guys on our semi-weekly bike ride will do Peloton centuries during the winter….stack up 5-6 classes in a row.

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But these things don’t matter much if you’re riding indoors.

The issue of what to do in a two-cyclist household is real. Easiest option I imagine is to have two bikes and a wheel-on trainer (but that comes with noise and accuracy issues), most optimal might be a direct trainer and two bikes with the same cassette (but it’s annoying to mount the chain on the cassette each time). I imagine the most exorcise option is a smart bike or Peloton, which might only require a few adjustments each time.

Unless you are only riding the trainer in erg mode and using programs like TR, they absolutely do matter. Based on the OP’s post, it doesn’t sound like his wife is a serious cyclist, so expecting her to just stare at a blue line for “enjoyment” probably isn’t realistic.

Regardless, the point remains….your aren’t getting a trainer and a decent bike for the same price as a Peloton ( currently $1500 USD )

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anybody ever find a way to put drop bars on these ‘peloton’ clown spinners? otherwise, why waste your time training out of position?

Yeah, I overegged it there, a bit. I thought the base level peloton was a bit more than that.

Still, I stand by buying a Kickr Core + decent used road bike as a more flexible, better value option that a peloton.

I agree. My wife bought us one-she’s not a cyclist but for two people the value is there and easy to adjust from one person to the next. One can find 90 minute classes actually led by someone who rides bikes. And one can just ride without a class if you choose. I have a blu tooth speaker and play the music I want and go for however long I want.

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Not sure I get your point TBH.

I haven’t yet mastered the skill of removing/replacing a rear wheel without getting grease all over my hands.

Now I get it. One the bike I used on the trainer (that I haven’t used for 18 months :laughing:) I have mudguards, making the wheel removal a tad more challenging :slight_smile:

We have a Stages SB20. It’s really, really good. Not sure what a Peloton could do better.

Hi my partner and I are TrainerRoad users and one of the reasons is that we like to chose our own music/entertainment - I’m on cheesey EDM for VO2Max, or Netflix for Sweetspot, and she’s on academic pdcasts during Endurance sessions - so I understand your feelings.

Can you not just turn the sound off and use subtitles, I had a quick look at their Accessibility webpage and it says:

“Subtitles are available for all on-demand classes released since November 2018 as well as live classes in English.”

Could you adjust the volume, or put in a dummy headphone jack/connect to BT headset that you don’t wear?

To the OP: We have an old smart trainer and we use the same bike. We bought a frame that was the best compromise wrt geometry - I ride a large frame, she rides a medium. But we added an adjustable stem and use individual dedicated saddle/seatposts - mine has layback - and can make it work. Not exactly the same but close enough that there are no issues with biomechanics/position.

As we always use ERG mode the drivetrain components are old parts left over from upgrades and it doesn’t have any brakes.

You could use something similar on Zwift, but basically there’s many ways to skin a cat