Physio Recommendations - Melbourne

Hi all

Can anyone recommend a good physio around Melbourne? Preferably someone who can look at me on the bike to try and diagnose a long standing knee issue. I’ve had numerous fits over the years and they haven’t helped at all!


Hi Jason. I had a great experience last year with Chris Steffanoni at Ideal Physiotherapy. I’d done the usual interwebs searching and feedback on places such as the buy/sell VIC FB group. They’re in Brunswick. I’d been seeing (and am still working with) a physio who was introducing me to strength training to help with a long standing back problem. Chris took info from my physio pre-visit. My whole session lasted around 3 hours and we didn’t go near my bike for the first hour. The fit itself turned out to be incredibly helpful - combined with the ongoing strength training I’m a much happier rider. My ongoing work is with Daniel Walters at PT2 Performance in Camberwell.

Awesome, thanks for the info. Daniel has some good reviews and is very close to where I live!

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