Polar h10 and wahoo

Anyone know why polar HR monitors won’t work with wahoo bike computers? I think it works with Garmin and probably hammerhead but not with wahoo. I wonder if its something like di2 with hammerhead and proprietary software. I only ask because I feel like my wahoo tickr hasn’t been accurate lately or it drops and says my HR is 89 on a local climb when I know I usually am at 160+ and Im leaning towards changing my HR monitor to another brand.

I’ve been using my H10 non stop with my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2 for months. You checked the H10’s software’s up to date?

I’ve also noticed big inaccuracies with HRMs when their battery is low.

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When the battery in my Polar strap gets low, the Wahoo really struggles to pick it up.

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I haven’t actually gotten the product it just says on wahoo website that it isn’t compatible with polar products. But if it works then I may pull the trigger then.

  • Can you link to, or share exactly where that is listed?

I’ve had good luck with my polar H10 with my elemnt and all my other devices as well.

I did recently have some issues with HR being way off, however this seemed to be due to bad contacts on the connectors. I didn’t see any corrosion, but new battery didn’t help, so I used some contact cleaner on them and that immediately fixed it. (DeoxIT D100L was the contact cleaner I used.)

OK, that is for the “Wahoo Bike Case”, and specifically from that page:

Wahoo Fitness is not compatible with Polar devices.

All of that has nothing to do with your opening sentence above:

As far as the actual Wahoo Elemnt bike computers (Bolt & Roam), they should all work fine with the Polar or any other ANT+ compatible device/sensor.

My Polar H9 works fine with both my ELEMNT Bolts :slight_smile:

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