Power meters cost comparison

Can some one help me understand the difference in the cost between Stages/4iiii crank arm and Garmin/Favero pedal power meters? What’s the difference? Accuracy? Either dual or single. There just seems to be a large price difference and I can’t determine the reason. Thanks.

Where are you seeing a huge price difference? Dual sided Garmin are like $750 here and dual sided stages ultegra are about the same here… what price are you seeing?

I see Garmin Rally single over $500. I see 4iiii Ultegra at $375.

I think when you’re comparing single sided setups, it’s a bit of an unfair comparison using crank vs pedal based meters for the comparison… with a single sided crank based meter, you’re getting just a left crank arm which is really super simple, just slap a strain gauge on a crankarm and put your decal on it. With a pedal based system you’re still getting two pedals and the inclusion of the strain gauge into the pedal is considerably more involved. So stages and 4iiii aren’t actually designing and building a whole power meter, they’re just modifying existing brands single arms while Garmin is actually building and selling a pedal system and incorporating the power meter into it.

Are dual sided setups similarly priced where you are or are they also skewed to crank based?

yes, as noted above, complexity of both systems differ. However, with pedals you get pedals worth 100 notes roughly thrown in with the PM. With the cranks it’s double that.

So for an apples to apples comparison you need to consider the cost of pedals, crank and PM in various combinations.

I’m and engineer and love nerding out over comparing specs of products. Here’s a recent table of power meters and weights.

Speaking of power meters, I have a set of Vector 3’s (dual-sided) with RS200 Shimano pedal bodies for sale. I bought them, used them for a month and realized the Favero’s wider Q-Factor may be exactly what I need. They are like new.

Thanks all. I think understand more now. Love that spreadsheet!

DCRainmaker recently did an article comparing pedal based powermeter. Nothing beats Favero based on price and accuracy
Power Meter Pedal Buyer’s Guide: Garmin Rally vs Wahoo POWRLINK vs Favero Assioma vs SRM X-Power (dcrainmaker.com)

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