Powermeter solution for Time ATAC XC pedals?

I am a fan of Time ATAC pedals. So much so, that I refuse to use anything else on my MTB and Gravel bikes.
However, I’ve come to really appreciate the (possibly subjective) benefits of a powermeter on my road bike and would like to have that on my MTB and Gravel bikes.
I am not looking for a crankarm-based solution - I am aware that those exist but I intend to keep my Hope cranks (no powermeter solution availabe) and would like to get a pedal-based solution.

So, I guess it boils down to two questions in this case:

  1. Is there an aftermarket solution for Time ATAC pedals available? (such as the Assioma spindles for example)

  2. Will SRAM (who bought the rights to Time’s entire pedal range ) come to the rescue and realease a powermeter version at some point (hopefully sooner than later!)

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Question 1 - no.

Question 2 - who knows. Nothing has been announced. It would seem the logical eventuality, but as Wahoo discovered with Speedplay, my guess is SRAM / Quarq is discovering that putting out a reliable, accurate power meter pedal is quite challenging.


COmpletely out of topic, but I am very happy with my Speedplay PM so far.

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  1. No

  2. Not in the near future… figure once you start hearing whispers that it exists in development, it’ll be a year before you start hearing about prototypes under sponsored riders and half again as long before a consumer product would realistically be available. At this point, there aren’t even whispers it’s in the works so, best guess would be you’re looking at late 2023 as the soonest there may hypothetically be one.

Out of curiosity, what experience do you have with other pedal systems and what about Time vs those pedal makes you dead set against switching?

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There’s only option 3 IMHO: change either pedals or cranks.


Out of curiosity, what experience do you have with other pedal systems and what about Time vs those pedal makes you dead set against switching?

I primarily like the mud shedding capabilites and ease of use of the Time ATACs, also that you can adjust the tension.

I’ve used Crankbrothesr Eggbeaters - great mudshedding, no tension adjustment (also, no powermeter solution)

Also tried Shimano SPD pedals a few years back - pretty good and also adjustable tension, just not as good as the ATACs when it comes to muddy/dirty terrain IMHO

All in all, if I really want powermeter pedals that badly I’ll pretty much have to go with SPD I guess :person_shrugging:(i.e. Garmin Rally XC)

Basically, yes (or replace the hope crankset by a Shimano or Sram one with a PM).

Look for a PowerTap hub. They seem to be quite affordable on the used market, but a wheel build might be more than you want to engage in for this.

There is a fourth option, but it will require a bit of work on your end.

Basically you use the Favero Assimo pedal spindles and using the Xpedo SPD bodies.

Long thread about it on trainerRoad…I think GPLama also did a video about it.

The only problem is that it isn’t a great option for hard core MTB rides…the PM pods are kinda vulnerable to pedal strikes. Would be fine for gravel rides, though.

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Depending on the chainring BCD/mounting of the crankset, maybe you could look at one of the SRAM/Quarq direct mount spider power meters or find a Powertap C1 chainring?

I’m not sure if Assioma has changed their spindle length at all but I tried the Xpedo-ioma hack about a year or so ago and there was no way I could have made it work with my preferred shoes (Lake MX241 Endurance) without cutting up the rubber on the soles to accommodate the pods. Saw a video, may have been GPLlama, and he had similar issues. I bought some cheap shoes to play with it for a bit and they worked decently well but unless you’re willing to do a bit of hacking, it won’t work for everybody.

But you end up with SPD power pedals, where the OP wants Time ATACs → similar option to simply switching to Garmin Rallies SPD.

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Following this thread for any future updates in this.
Also a Time ATAC user and also been keeping an eye out for a pedal based PM for use on MTB’s (without abandoning the well developed eco system of Time Atac setups I have in more than one bike - that suit my clip/unclip ability (or lack of) very well

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Right, but his preferred option is impossible….so he needs to look at other options. Or not ride with power.

I just gave him another option to consider.

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I know, that’s what I wrote above. My (visibly unclear) point was that there are SPD options without reverting to hacking Assiomas (hack might be a bit cheaper though).

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But again, is potentially lacking for serious MTB rides.

best, easiest alternative solution is probably the Garmin pedal, but potentially more expensive with a higher stack height.

You could weld or duct tape your ATACs to the new SRM flat pedal. It would almost certainly cause some pedal height issues though.

I’m just trying to think outside of the box.

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I too have a preference for atac but only time will tell on what Sram will ever do about that tech. I would go with crank based solutions and not wait for vaporware.

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Can Stages not install a PM on Hope? (I know nothing about mtb cranks so if this is self-evidently impossible, apologies)