Pro cycling stats and data

Is there a good place or way to get raw pro cycling data, to do data analytics?

I just started a graduate course for data science and want to use a large data set for something I’m already interested in.

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Strava would fit your need.

What did you have in mind?


Strava could give you bits and pieces, but they won’t give you an API or anything remotely close to data analytics.

If you have a Strava account, this link should work Strava-Profil für Profi-Radfahrer | Remco Evenepoel You’ll see that Evenepoel does share some rides. Every now and then including power. However, definitely never any HR data.

Some time ago I read an article, where a norwegian cross country skier shared all her data with researchers from some University. They were not allowed to publish anything until a few years after her career ended. Just to give you an idea how secretive endurance athletes are with their data.
So in the end, I would keep my expectations rather low when it comes to large data sets from pro cyclists.

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Ha, was actually very easy finding that piece:
Frontiers | The Training Characteristics of the World’s Most Successful Female Cross-Country Skier | Physiology (

Interesting read, thought I’d share it.


It’s a very long shot, but an IG/FB plea, together with emails to some coaches etc, might get you some data on grounds of anonymity. I doubt you’ll get enough for your project, however.

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I’m not looking for power data.

My curiosity is kind of the question of what is the pattern of riders winning? For instance, one thing I’ve been really curious about is there’s debate about “why” riders and winning younger, but I want to take a look at 1) prove if the concept is true,and 2) if so, describe how true it would be.

Or see how cyclical it is historically for a GT GC winner to also compete well in other races? I started watching with Froome, and he only raced well in the Tour and was forgettable in most other stage races and did no one-day races.

So a list of who won and placed which races and stages, and times, historically, and other things like date of birth of riders.

That info is surely a matter of public record, no?

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Pro Cyclings Stats would be a good place to start…

Yeah, but I don’t know where.

Had a look at Pro Cycling Stats. Was hoping for some downloadable CSVs, but will probably wait until next course is data wrangling.

He won the Dauphiné 3 times and Tour de Romandie twice, as well as runner up in Tirreno Adriatico.

Granted he’s probably the worst 1-day racer to ever win a grand tour, but he could handle stage racing in his good days.

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“Only”, and he “only” won 4 :wink: + 2 Vueltas and a Giro, so nothing special ^^

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PCS should be web-scrapable but that’s a whole separate skillset to develop. It’s certainly a useful skill but one you may not feel ready to practice.

Plus a pair of podiums (bronze) in Olympics time trials, multiple classification jerseys, stage wins in the 3 grand tours (don’t know how many but more than most obv.).

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I wrote an R package specifically for this task!

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That’s really cool! I’ll have to check it out when I get some time.