Problems with 12 speed Campag on Elite Direto

I’m hoping someone can explain to me how I’m messing this up.

So, I want to be able to use my Ridley, which has 12 speed Chorus (rim, QR), on my turbo. I ordered the Campag adapter for Elite, fitted it, installed the cassette, and… the cassette locks. It won’t turn; if I try and backpedal, for example, the chain droops and then locks.

Without the QR done up, the cassette will spin normally.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

Is the lock ring hitting the dropout? I have seen that before. Some lock rings stick out further than others. I found that Shimano and Sram have different thicknesses for different series. Campy may be the same.


I can only imagine that you somehow installed the free hub body wrongly. I would not see a reason why the 12 speed cassette should have anything to do with it.
Perhaps unrelated but I mention it as I messed it up a few times when placing my bike on in a rush: on the non-drivetrain side is a 5mm spacer that should sit on the inside of your bike’s drop-out (outside if running 135mm rear). Your stays will probably flex enough even if you place it on the outside but it’s harsh on the dropouts.

I experienced this when switching from shimano to Campag on our Elite.

I think I’d been running it without the 5mm spacer all along - I’d got away with it with the shimano freehub, but the Campag displayed the same symptoms as op. This was on 10 speed Veloce, but same freehub width.

Did you ever manage to fix it? I’ve messed about with the spacer (no spacer, inside dropout, outside) and had no success.

I did, but I can’t quite recall what I did to achieve it - I’ll take a look at it later…

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No experience with the direto, but I had maybe a similar problem with 12s campagnolo and tacx neo 2t. The bars on the inside of the 11-29 cassette, which are there to stop your chain jamming between your spokes and the cog if you overshoot, are the problem. They bind with the bolts on the trainer and you can’t freewheel.
First time I installed it I nearly ripped my new derailleur off.
Pretty unhappy with tacx support as they claim it’s ‘fully compatible’ with 12s but had no idea of the problem.
I threw my 10s bike back on in the meantime.
The only way I think it might work is if I dremel off the bars on the back of the 29 cog.

While I don’t use a Direto, I do use an Elite Suito, and I’ve had zero issues after installing Elite’s Campy compatible freehub and using 12-speed Chorus. I don’t use spacers on my bike’s freehub (Campy compatible PowerTap freehub), and I don’t have any spacers installed with on my Suito’s freehub.

Be sure you’re using Campy’s 12-speed lock ring. Also, make sure your freehub is fully seated. I found that installing the Campy freehub required a bit of oomph.

I use Directo and have Campy 12 speed, Chorus on the Directo. Never had an issue and I swapped out a Shimano free hub. Trying to think what I did now. End story - it works.

Curiously enough I thought of your post yesterday on my first ride on new Ritchey wcs zeta wheels with a 12spd cassette. When freewheeling I occasionally could hear the ding-ding-ding sound of something touching the spokes. There is no other explanation than those tabs on the back of the cassette that are very, very close to the spokes and probably with some lateral load bend the lot enough to cause this. Dremel, where are you?