Project Flock lights

An antidote . to the doom and gloom about the site’s function

From what I can see, Dave saw the Project Flock lights at the Handmade Bike Show Australia in 2021 and went “that’s a great idea”.

Maybe I’m projecting because that’s what I did but in any case highlighting the project is the sort of thing CT does really well: picking up on something that is small but noteworthy and, well, noting it.

For the suspicious: I have no involvement with Project Flock other than having sat at the Bike Show dinner in 2022 with two of the people involved which just confirmed my impression that they are good people with a great idea.

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Interesting idea. My Light and Motion Vis180 will do this with the side amber lights. Wonder what the Lumens you get on it.

I noted this on the article comments, but didn’t retro reflective ankle cuffs achieve the same result but in a much simpler way?

My understanding is that when drivers see something like a pair of reflective ankle straps they think “oh that’s a person on a bike” and then react.

If they see an illuminated pair of legs they instantly recognise the human shape without having to consciously process anything.

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See my comments in the article, but the effectiveness of either (this light or retroreflective cuffs) is likely a function of the area illuminated and the apparent brightness of that illuminated area. Another factor is reflectance. Of course, a retro reflector, uhm, has high reflectance, but human skin has a reflectance of only about 60-ish percent for red light. Clothing likely has less reflectance than skin.

I guess the sum of all this is…that it’d be a cool test to see which of these is more noticeable. I wonder if the CT Tech Bureau is offering research grants…