Protect Shoe Leather from Tire Rub

Has anyone used anything like Shoo Goo or Aquaseal to coat the toes of leather cycling shoes to protect them from tire rub? My Lake shoes are getting a little scuff mark, especially the right shoe, from occasional tire rub.


Shoe Goo or Aquaseal will “grip” tire rubber better than the shoe upper. You may not like the extra friction.


That rotating tyre will wear through those extras you might add on top of the leather. At best, they’ll be a sacrificial layer, but you’ll still have scuffed leather. Stick with the cheap and cheerful method of using baby wipes - they’ll cut through most/all of the tyre residue.

Tire residue isn’t a concern, and this isn’t happening at speed. It’s happening at stop lights, signs, and etc.

No, but I use shoo goo on the heels of my shoes to avoid them wearing down.

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I recovered my S-works saddle

Essie gel nail topcoat is flexible non yellowing lacquer. It is clear and
worked well as topcoat
Great if you want a clear coat

Photo of  in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I changed the colour with fiebings leather paint. I put it in a syringe with blunt needle so I could spread it out with no bubbles

I would suggest just using fiebings leather edge paint if you want a coloured solution. as it is more flexable and possibly won’t need essie topcoat.

Fiebings is widely available quality product

If you want to add leather
Use headliner glue , which is a contact adhesive which you can move before it sets

Kangaroo leather is thin and extremely strong but has very poor abrasion resistance, so not want you would use here.

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I’ll give that a try. No color needed: my cycling shoes are black, just as the cycling gods intended.

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