PSA: CyclingTips store sale - more than 50% off most items

Just a quick PSA to let you know that we’ve just popped up a sale in the CT store.

With more than 50% off most sale products you won’t want to miss out on these items - including mini bar and bomber bags, ultimate musettes, KeepCups, Rapha caps, and CT Annuals - and more.

Get in quick - these items won’t last!

Head to SALE – CyclingTips store to check it out.

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Hi on the web page for the shop it says 15% of all items for veloclub members, but even thought I am logged into Veloclub no discount is applied? Is there a code?

Sorted. Tks Andy.

I’d like to buy that Bomber Bag, but shipping to the EU for that one item would be a bit of overkill so I started pondering on what else to put in my cart in order to make it worthwhile.

While doing so, the following two questions came to mind:

  1. Are you planning on offering Cyclingtips Kit this year again, and if so, is there a (rough) ETA for that?

  2. When will you finallly offer some Cyclingtips-branded Tshirts with either #teamtubeinside or #teamnotube on them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:


I’m waiting for Team Tube Inside & Snack Sponsor shirts.


Those would both be excellent tees!

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My body is ready (for mediums).