Purchase Interruptus

So Specialized ran a sale last week, and they had Power Pro with Mirror saddles marked down to something like $225-ish USD. I’ve been waiting for the 143mm flavor of that saddle to show up in stock on their site, so when I saw the sale price, the frequency of heart’s pitter patter increased. Alas, the saddle never appeared in stock for the duration of the sale.

There has to be some small department at Specialized (and other companies) whose sole purpose is to torture customers with tasty deals on unavailable products and with other such tactics.


This is pretty common sales practice. I get emails frequently with highly discounted ‘headline’ items. Then you actually find out there are about 4 such products, all of which are in an outlier size. Le Col are particularly good/bad at this.

The idea, presumably, is that having decided to treat yourself, you’ll go ahead with a purchase anyway, despite what you actually wanted in the first place being unavailable/more expensive in your size etc.

It’s a semi bait and switch method, and a bit dubious IMO, but no one is making you buy, after all.