Quietest electronic front derailleur

I currently have an 11-spd Ultegra 8000-series Di2. It’s a great groupset, but the front derailleur is quite loud (always has been). Is the latest generation any quieter? How about Etap? I haven’t seen 8100 or DA 9200 groupsets out in the wild, and I don’t ride with anyone who has Etap.

To me, the idea of having a motor on my bike seems wrong, so it kinda bugs me every time I hear it shift. I know I just need to get over it already since I’ve had it for a couple of years and about 20,000 miles trouble-free, but easier said than done. I’m considering going mechanical as the current Di2 shifters are wearing out a bit (buttons don’t move quite as freely even after cleaning them, hoods need to be replaced again, etc).


8100/9200 is faster, and the actual shift operation is slightly quieter and less noticeable. However it is still a noticeable servo noise.

Personally I like the noise it makes. :sweat_smile:

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Probably EPS, though the noise your chain will make against the FD cage following the slow auto trim will offset that :rofl:

If you want electronic, then the new Di2 works brilliantly (but be careful setting up the electronic limits on the FD).

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