Rach Neylan - amazing rider

I’d love to see CT do an in-depth interview with Rach Neylan.

She is riding so well at the moment. I believe she’s 39 yrs old (?) and just ripping it up with huge results.

But particularly she seems to have been screwed over by her previous team Hotel Valkenburg or whatever. She’s mentioned it a couple of times without details, but the team I assume imploded and she didn’t race much or at all.

She was really disappointed not to make the Olympics team and I thought “umm you haven’t raced” but turns out she’s trained the house down and is just smashing it out of the park.

That is a story worth telling I reckon.


Yep agreed Jules. I’ve known Rach for years, even trained with her a bit about a decade ago, and she has a very interesting story. Not many would have persevered like Rach has.

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I thought Parkhotel was the team that gave her a late season contract after she didn’t get any racing earlier in the year, and has probably led to her getting a contract at Cofidis next year.

She has been such a quality rider for a long time and happy to see her getting some more opportunities

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Rachel has a story to share. Came late to cycling after a prior elite sporting career, a physio (I think) and certainly displays unique determination and self belief. CT in an article by Abby 2 or so years ago names her as one of the more interesting Women’s cyclist to follow on Instagram, and she is.

I will add her to my list. She wasn’t screwed over by Parkhotel. There was a Spanish team that was incredibly dodgy that screwed her over to stay in your wording


this is from an interview with her about that team. sometimes it’s what you don’t say… :

Q: You’re currently riding for Spanish team Team Burgos Alimenta. What’s the team like as an Aussie?

I continue to learn Spanish fast! I do love learning about different cultures and being outside the comfort zone. Challenge is growth!